UTEP President Proud Of School's Progress

Friday, September 2, 2011 - 5:40pm

WEST EL PASO- UTEP is expecting the highest enrollment in school history when the fall semester enrollment numbers come out.

In her 30th year as president of UTEP, Dr. Diana Natalicio said on Friday that the university is headed in a great direction.

"I think this is about the most excitement we have ever had at the UTEP campus. Of course, I have only been here since 1971, so I can't speak about the time before that,” said Natalicio.

Natalicio said that the school has spent more than $250 million dollars in construction projects in the last three years.

"This campus now has the capacity to do the kind of cutting edge teaching and research that this community deserves, and that our students are absolutely entitled to,” said Natalicio.

Natalicio also said that benefits of the campus growing do extend beyond the school.

"We are also at the same time generating new ideas and intellectual property that were going to be able to commercialize in a variety of ways and startup businesses,” said Natalicio.

With the recent uproar of violence in Mexico, UTEP said that the university is determined to help those seeking education outside of Juarez.

"It’s been sad to see how much more complicated that relationship has become because of the violence, but the consistency that we have been able to provide educational opportunities makes us very happy and proud,” said Natalicio.

Natalicio also said that she knows many students coming from Mexico have multiple hurdles to overcome, so committing themselves to education shows their devotion.

"These students really want an education. They understand probably better than almost anyone the importance of education and future because it is their way out,” said Natalicio.

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