USPS May Move LC Mail Processing Center to EP

USPS May Move LC Mail Processing Center to EP
Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 9:40am

LAS CRUCES - The USPS is considering moving its Las Cruces mail processing center to the one in El Paso.

The Postal Service has reportedly begun evaluating whether to consolidate its mail processing center. The study is expected to be completed in several months. The Postal Service will then use the results to determine if the move should be made.

The Postal Service has been hard-hit by the increasing usage of e-mail and the struggling economy, that has resulted in a drastic decline in the volume of mail that's processed and delivered. The hard times have forced the Postal Service to consider ways to save money.

An average of 40,000 pieces of mail are processed and delivered daily in Las Cruces.

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