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U.S. Plans to Sue Controversial Arizona Sheriff

U.S. Plans to Sue Controversial Arizona Sheriff

POSTED: Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 10:27am

UPDATED: Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 6:02pm

The U.S. Justice Department plans to file a civil lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio over civil rights violations. 

In a letter sent Wednesday to an attorney for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas Perez writes that the county's failure to address racial discrimination and other violations found by the federal government in December will go to litigation.

The sheriff's policies are unconstitutional and in violation of federal law, and compliance "cannot be secured through voluntary means," the letter said.

As a result, the Justice Department will file suit against the county, the sheriff's office and Arpaio.

The December letter from the Justice Department described "a pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos at MCSO that reaches the highest levels of the agency."

That letter said detention officers in Arpaio's jail invoked offensive slurs and profanities against Hispanics, calling them "wetbacks," "Mexican bitches" and "stupid Mexicans."

The 22-page document said detention officers in Arpaio's jail invoked offensive slurs and profanities against Hispanics.

"Sheriff Arpaio's own actions have helped nurture MCSO's culture of bias," the letter said.

For example, the sheriff apparently endorsed one constituent's letter asking for a "round-up" at one Phoenix street corner of "dark-skin(ned)" people: Arpaio told a member of his command staff in a note to "(h)ave someone handle this," the Justice Department said.

Arpaio has denied any discrimination, and one of his attorneys called the Justice Department investigation a "witch hunt."

In December, Arpaio pledged to continue working with the Justice Department on the issues, but this week's letter announcing the lawsuit states that didn't happen.

Despite requests, Maricopa County officials and Arpaio have not met with the Justice Department since February 6, the letter said.

The Justice Department drafted an agreement to address its findings and wanted to negotiate it with the sheriff's office, but the sheriff's office called off the negotiations, the letter said.

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Voters need to insist from Washington and especially from RNC House speaker, John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, Chairman of the empowered Ways and Means Committee to stop blockading the 50-state E-Verify bill. Each citizen voter should call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. The State of Arizona challenged the feds who are entirely to blame for not enacting strict immigration laws, but encouraging foreigners by free welfare assistance for decades? Entry through stealth when impersonating a visitor and then intentionally overstaying their expired visa. Others just slipping past the agents at the border; all should classified as a felony. Government and special interest state the numbers of people coming here has been minimal for the since the prolonged deep recession? But if you ask the ranchers and other property owners along the border, they have a different story to tell? Even if less illegal aliens are arriving here, that cannot assuage that the U.S government has 20 million plus to contend with?

In a report this month it was revealed that illegal immigrants are filing tax returns and claiming nephews and nieces that live in Mexico as dependents. They're claiming up to 20 dependents and collecting $30,000 income tax refunds. The IRS is doing nothing about it even though they know it's occurring. In a calculation by this agency, those illegal aliens have claimed $4.2 Billion dollars with their government sanctioned ITIN number, which circumvents the use of a official Social Security number.

So the best they can do, is provoke individual states trying to protect their citizens from unfunded mandates. Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and a very few other states are the ‘Patsy’. They are being victimized by the Liberal run Obama’s Justice Department, although they turn a blind eye to violations of federal law, with the emergence of Sanctuary States like California, Nevada, Colorado, New York and more. Not only will the Attorney General Eric holder and his leftist attorneys bear down on states that defy his power, but anybody, who gets in the mix, is political fodder as with Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa Country. His only violation is he loves his country, observed the terrible consequences of the influx of illegal aliens who have damaged badly the state finances. Amongst the illegal invaders are criminals, that have saturated the city of Phoenix bring in the drug dealers, prostitution, robbery, sexual assaults on children and women and as widespread across the country drunken drivers; hit and runs.

When are the lawmakers in power going to grasp that real thinking Americans, as the Tea Party Movement, are not some small group of disgruntled voters, but rather the once 'silent majority', who are hushed no more? Thousands have never been to the election booth before are joining the TEA PARTY. We the People are frustrated and angry with both parties and they need to get it through in their head to listen to every voter or find themselves in the unemployment Line with Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana.

Indiana Secretary of State, a TEA PARTY leader, Mourdock challenged Lugar in part because of his constant leadership in pushing for amnesties for illegal aliens who have illegally stolen U.S. jobs.

NumbersUSA rated Sen. Lugar on 85 immigration actions since 1989. When each action was weighted according to the numerical impact, we found that he acted 81% of the time in favor of foreign workers and dependents over the interests of U.S. workers and dependents. That earned him a D-minus over his career, making him the worst Republican in the Senate (Sen. John McCain of Arizona is runner-up). He acted 84% of the time in favor of the Chain Migration of extended family of immigrants over the interests of U.S. workers. He acted 100% of the time in favor of foreign workers brought in through a random lottery.

• He acted 98% of the time for amnesty enticements and 76% of the time for other rewards for illegal aliens.
• And in 30 votes and co-sponsorships that were about direct importation of workers, he acted more than 99% of the time for more immigrant competition for U.S. workers.

He did give tepid support to secure borders (C+) and interior enforcement (C) but tried to kill a pilot E-Verify program to keep illegal aliens from getting jobs back in 1996.

Begin ‘Attrition through Enforcement’ by enacting federal E-Verify to cast out illegal aliens from the workplace. Complete coverage of ‘Secure Communities” for every state to locate the foreign criminals. Replace all profiteering lawmakers and thereby cleaning house; put familiar TEA PARTY leaders in their place Then according to a recent study by the Heritage Foundation another Comprehensive Immigration Reform package, better known as AMNESTY, would cost taxpayers an estimated $2.6 Trillion dollars to process and complete. Another giant price tag we cannot accept. Currently the 50 states have unfunded mandates of supporting foreign nationals of $113 billion dollars annually and counting.

The Tea Party does not discriminate against any citizen, naturalized citizen or permanent resident, but are in opposition to the illegal immigration occupation from any person, from any country who came here without consent. The TEA PARTY comprises of small and large chapters throughout America of every nationality, every race and every religious denomination? Their agenda is to replace all lawmakers, Governors, Mayor, police chiefs and all elected administrators in every federal, state and municipal agency that doesn’t have the same loyal ideology of the Tea Party leaders. Dump the Eric Holders, the Napolitano’s, the Senator Feinstein’s out into the cold. If you cherish your sovereignty it is imperative we reject the growing rot in Congress that will benefit all of us, and then the TEA PARTY is the place to be.

The TP demands is a urgent need for a balanced tax code with no subsidies, loopholes for corporations, sugar industry or anybody else; an end of bureaucratic tricks to stop drilling on public lands or coastal waters with its massive deposits of oil, natural gas, that can ease our need for foreign imports and lessen the out-of-control 16 trillion dollar deficit. Make obsolete the Department of education and return the power to states, communities and parents for better educational performance. Downsize the Environmental Protection Agency and reverse the many of the unnecessary regulations that is crushing entrepreneur and small business opportunities. No more government bail outs for the friends of the Oval Office, no more ‘cronyism’ to Wall Street and an end to massive spending by Obama’s Czars. Introduce a waste and reduction law, which begins the process of shrinking the size of government.

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