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U.S. economy gets boost, El Paso shoppers are still watching what they spend

U.S. economy gets boost, El Paso shoppers are still watching what they spend

POSTED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 11:21pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 11:26pm

We're not yet at the end of the year, but the latest numbers show that up to now, the U.S. economy has grown at its fastest rate in more than two years, and the holiday shopping season isn't over yet.

“Super Saturday” is the second-busiest shopping day after Black Friday.

According to Commerce Department, the U.S. economy grew significantly between July to September.

Even though the economy has peaked, shoppers i spoke with say they are still watching their wallets.
Last minute shoppers are try to find the best deals in town, getting those last few gifts before Christmas.

For Angela Nunez, her holiday shopping list might be shorter than previous years, but it's just as expensive.

"I think we had less presents, but the value of each present has been higher,” she said. “There were more electronics than previous years."

This could be a good sign for the economy. Just before this holiday shopping season the U.S. economy saw a healthy boost. Since 2009, this is only the second time that Americans have spent this much money.

But here in the borderland, people are watching their wallets.

For Maria Romero, she said she has been planning her shopping all year long.

"But I budget myself,” Romero said. “And I save all year long to be able to not use my credit cards. I do everything in cash."

Instead of being so quick to spend her cash, Rachel Salgado is putting family first.

"We are focusing more on different types of gifts this year, other than shopping and stuff,” Salgado said. “We are going to focus more on family and church."

And Nunez said even though she has spent a few hundred this shopping season, she is trying to teach her daughter the value of a dollar.

"My daughter is now working so I’m having her come along to teach her how to budget and get more for less," Nunez said.

Even though the economy is doing well so far, economists say it's too early to tell if that luck will continue through the end of the year.

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