U.S. Citizens Killed In Juarez


POSTED: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 4, 2011 - 2:44pm

EL PASO - It's a question many of you are asking. How many El Pasoans are being murdered in Juarez? We've got the answer for you.

The U.S. State Department says 37 U.S. citizens lost their lives in Juarez in 2010. The vast majority, 34, were murdered. As for the other three; one American was executed, another committed suicide and one died in a car accident.

"The drug violence is rising in Juarez, and I anticipate that if it continues we're going to see additional names from El Paso that were murdered in Juarez," Patrick Turley said.

Turley is the president of the Crime Victims' Rights Council of El Paso. This past weekend his organization added 60 names to a plaque that memorializes El Pasoans killed at the hands of violent crime. Turley said about 40 of those names were El Pasoans killed in Juarez. So why are his numbers slightly higher than the governments?

"I'm sure their numbers are from the people that actually report the crime to the State Department, to the American Consulate over there," he said.

Turley pointed out something we also confirmed with the State Department. The United States relies on the Mexican government to tell us how many of our citizens are killed on their land. Turley's organization does not. They do an independent count using family, friends and even school counselors.

"Sometimes El Paso, and our memorial, is the only place they can memorialize their loved ones who died as a result of violent crime over there," he said.

Records show that Juarez only accounts for 13% of all U.S. citizen deaths in Mexico.

The State Department declined an interview, and they said they could not provide us with any statistics for this year.

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David G found out Marisela's Family members were drug traffickers.

David Garcia, 23 yr. Old US Citizen who lived in El Paso. Construction worker. Fell in love ~4-5 months ago with a single mother of 2 in Juarez, Marisela... Turns David found out and planned to leave her. He was a clean cut kid with no problems. When he left her, her brother and her staged a Kidnapping and he was murdered. This is the second husband she kills, her sister did the same thing and served time. All information about "marisela" is in "Previas" in Juarez. Please look into it!

Get our troops in there, and we'll clean them out in less than a month. Say what u want about our troops being in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we should at least have a presence in a country that poses an imediate danger to us. How many more US Citizens will have to lose their lives before we wake up? But of course, we care more about politics than the lives of our own citizens. And yes, i'm Hispanic. My father was born in Juarez.

Hate to say this, but that wouldn't help a bit. Our troops are not ready for the type of violence these drug cartels are capable of unleashing. Many of our fine warriors have been transformed into "nation building" bureaucrats in Iraq and Afghanistan (trust me, I've been over there TWICE). the only solution to this problem is to allow Mexican citizens the right to arm themselves. Maybe, and only maybe, will they be able to stand up to these criminals.

Arm the Mexican citizens. Let them fight for their country or let the Mexican Army be as ruthless as the cartel murderers. That's the only way this violence will stop, only after more violence hurts the bad guys enough for them to stop.

who are the bad guys and who are the good guys again? and who determines that ? there has been a breakdown in the rule of law; and taking the law in your own hands is not a solution. need to reinforce the judicial system as the watchdog of everyone's rights. THERE HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY!

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