Upper Valley Woman Searching For Missing Dog Has Warning for Others


POSTED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 2:18pm

EL PASO - An Upper Valley woman on a mission to find her missing dog made an unexpected and disturbing discovery.

Jackie Hughes said a number of other canines in the area have also mysteriously vanished and now she has a warning for pet owners everywhere.

She's been searching for her dog non-stop since June. That's when the 3-year-old Great Dane named Zeus, vanished without a trace after getting out of her fenced in front yard.

"I really think we're going to find him," said Hughes.

Hughes and her family are doing everything they can to find him. They posted missing signs all over town and even created a Facebook page called "Find Zeus." It has 400 followers.

"We did the fliers, we did the posters, we went to the rescues and the dog pound, we went door to door, and we didn't sleep for a long time trying to figure this out." She's convinced someone stole her dog because there has been no sign of him anywhere.

"There's no dead dog. There's no sign of this 130 pound dog. He's an elephant dog!"

On her quest to find Zeus, Jackie discovered something unexpected.

"Here lately there is a rash of missing large dogs."

Large dogs, she said, that in some cases vanish right out of their owners backyards.

Jackie isn't sure why someone could be taking them. She suspects it's for breeding. That's why she's warning other dog owners to make sure their pet is fixed and to keep a close eye on them.

"You just have to be extra vigilant," she said.

NewsChannel 9 spoke with Loretta Hyde from the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. She said she has heard about a number of dog thefts in the last few months. She says dog owners should put locks on their gates and also keep their dogs inside at night to deter thieves.

To see the Find Zeus facebook page, click here.

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I wouldn't trust the El Paso Animal Shelter, didn't they put down someones dog a couple years ago since they were in such a rush? When the owner went to pick up the dog it had already been put down. I know lost or stolen pets end up in the most unusual places like Florida,California,or New York. Except for El Paso where they get euthanized and cremated in a jiffy.Lets hope you find your dog and it didn't end up at the Animal Doom Factory, if not ashes to ashes dust to dust.

oh lord

my brothers dog which is a cocker spaniel, has also been stolen. She was just taken right from our backyard, no sign of anything being tampered with. I hope we find all of our dogs safe and sound.

My son's 10 year old Husky was also stolen. They cut a lock off his gate. This dog was already fixed. We haven't found him yet but we'
re still looking.

I follow Zeus on facebook and am determined to help him find his way home. If he passes my path, He's on his way home. People don't have the rights they give themselves. Our pets are not for the taking and that needs to be made clear. We're all fighting MAD and not going to take it any longer. Bring all the missing pets home. If you have aquired a pet in the last few months by adoption, stray, or purchased, it may belong to someone else. Please take the time to help a loved pet go HOME.

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