UPDATED: Shooting in Juarez Spills Into El Paso


POSTED: Saturday, August 21, 2010 - 11:20pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 11:54pm

EL PASO - If you have ever wondered if spill over violence is happening, what happened tonight may give you the answer. Parts of El Paso came to a stop as roads were shut down after a Border Patrol agent said he heard 10 to 15 gunshots fly over his head.

The shootings happened in Juarez, right across the border from UTEP. Standing near campus you could see Mexican police teams raiding a house. At one point on-lookers, reporters and police we're told to duck for cover as shots rang out. We're told Juarez police were ambushed around 4:50pm, and a gun fight followed on and off until about 5:30pm. That is when the last shots were heard.

Police closed down W. Paisano Dr. from Executive to Santa Fe in downtown El Paso. We're told a rescue mission, with families including children, was evacuated. Several DPS officers pulled onto the UTEP campus, and we were told they were going to shut down I-10 so no one was hit by the bullets. Although that's an unconfirmed report. We also noticed a train stopped on the tracks between Juarez and El Paso, in the area where the gun battle broke out. Some people think that was done with a purpose, to provide an iron curtain between the two border cities.

In the end, U.S. and Mexican police helicopters left, Juarez police seemed to control the situation and El Paso police re-opened the roads and turned protection back over to Border Patrol.

We are told no one was hurt on the U.S. side of the border, but in Juarez the deaths continue.

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To all u ignorant people that say "they should legalize drugs" Reall? so that they can sell drugs and harm our kids without getting in trouble? or they should just put a up a store where they shpould sell them right> i bet ur all crackheads who wants this.

First of all, they have been selling drugs to your kids long ago... It wont stop no matter what you do. Im not saying we should legalize drugs however, i agree legalizing it for medical purposes as in California will drop funding to the Cartel.

Remember alcohol prohibition? That worked, didn't it? The whole country gave up beer, drunk driving ceased, now one invented new crimes such as illegal moonshine, or running booze to dry counties. Yeah, real successful... The same percentage of the population will use drugs when they are legal as use them now. The difference is the drug-related murders will drop to almost nothing, cartels will lose funding and collapse, etc. yummyredpill.wordpress.com

I seriously think that the U.S. needs to send some troops to Mexico, they will be actually get the job doen right, something that Mexico's Government cannot do. Its gonna happen eventually so might as well do it now.

Please! Not another war! Are you out of your mind? Troops in Mexico? Why don't we just send troops to every place that has a conflict? Come on people, use your brains! Once upon a time we left other countries alone and people that didn't work didn't eat. Our country was great then. Now, though you might have some amazing technologies, we are in debt up to our eyeballs, lose good soldiers everyday to someone else's wars, and all our jobs went to India and China. More of the same ain't the answer.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents….. It does not matter what party you belong to, just block the border entrance and execute all policies that were created to protect the border and the people of the United States, only allow those who can prove that they are not a hindrance to the American rules, regulations and the laws of our great country. Legalizing drugs in the U.S is not an answer to curing the drug problem, enforcing the laws are; prosecuting all who violate these laws is a must.

Don't blame the president for what happens in Mexico, blame the people who let it happen. The city leadership and the community need to wake up and start taking action. First of all the city leadership allow our neighbors to enter El Paso with vehicles that are unsafe to drive, uninsured and we the citizens who follow the rules are the ones who pay when an accident happens because the Mexican plated vehicles carry no insurance or fraudulent documents that have no meaning in the U.S.

Personally, I'm against the system, NO MATTER WHO'S RUNNIN' IT...REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT! Bitching & Complaining isn't going to change things! El Paso, just be ready to Fight! We Know We're Out Here All Alone & We've Known This For DECADES!! Let's Protect Ourselves! i SPEAK WITH NOTHING BUT THE UTMOST LOVE FOR EL PASO!!

the best thing to do to stop all this, is yes make it legal for drug users to access drugs freely. ridiculas as it sounds it could possibly work. if those that can get it so easy the less money the cartel makes and they go out of business. as long as we teach our kids about the dangers of drugs and teach them right we wont have an issue. if those kids slip through the cracks im sure they would find it as easily if the dope is not legalized.

The underlying cause is the insatiable American demand for mood altering drugs and the ability to pay billions of dollars each year. "Just Say No" and the 40 year "War Against Drugs" have been complete failures; in fact they've made the problem worse and driven up profits to foreign drug cartels. The money is so big in Mexico that it is rooted in all manner of private and governmental institutions. The only immediate relief would be to legalize marijuana, thereby cutting criminal profits.

Thats right El Paso, just keep on voteing Democrat, You got what you voted for so stop your crying.

Maybe you should go to school and learn how to spell "voting"...paladin is a perfect sample of the Republican voter...

Doubt our government will do anything much to provide better boarder patrol after these past two incidents with shots fired near US grounds. I agree with Alamogeezer, as long as it does not interfere with vacation, etc. and not happening in their backyards, who cares. As it is, they are speaking of cutting our police force, which I believe we need more of to begin with! How dare they misuse tax payer dollars on crap like "circles/roundabouts" and unsightly sculptures. SPEND WISELY, WE HAVE TO

The problem with what is happening in Mexico is not only Mexico's fault. The U.S.is responsible for much if not all the problem. We must find a way to get rid of all our dope addicts that keep buying the dope from Mexico. It's not a border problem, it's a dope problem. We can stick our heads into the sand, but the problem will not go away. Orion

we can not control wat is happenin there and we can secure the borders and expect that the shots wont end up here the borders are more then secure but still we are reciving shots from mexico

If Mexicans had guns this would not have gotten so bad. They can not protect themselves in Mexico. Every American citizen needs to arm themselves so they can protect their family. Unarmed is unprotected! We are on our own, do you see Obama protecting us!

put up an iron fence and close the borders.

Not the government we've got now. Our city leaders, for whatever reason, fail to see the safety concerns we as a community face because of the elements outside their jurisdiction. Let's cut our peace officers' paid days by fur-lowing them; taking them off the streets that need our protection but, by all means, let's keep public pools open during the winter because that's soooo much more cost effective. We didn't become the second safest city in the country on a citizen "honor system"

If it doesn't interfere with vacations and golf, our head of govenment could care less what is going on in Juarez and El Paso. Alamogeezer-Greater Chicago Area

if there were oil feilds in juarez it would be a completely different story!!

TR, you have your right to bear arms. But what do you do when it is your own countrymen that are supplying the arms to the trouble across the border? Your "spillover" argument is hardly valid when El Paso is rated the second safest city in the U.S. With only three murders this year, most major cities have an avg of 160 a year. I think El Paso is doing an awesome job. I live in Chihuahua. I see it. Guns are prohibited here, so who is making it accessible 4 us? Who is providing guns to the narcos?

I was born in KC, raised in EP,TX til I was seven, Lived in KC for 20yrs after that, I never Imagined myself living in MX. But here I am. A legal U.S. Citizen looking for a new life, and I have found a wonderful people across the border. Every society has it's bad apples. Some worse than others. But finger pointing never helps. We need to see what the situation really is. And if an open invitation is what is takes, my casa es tu casa. I think the world is a better place when we open minds.

How do you expect to secure the border listen people the fight is in Mexico not El Paso ,want to put a bubble around El Paso? Try it it would be nice to live without all this pollution. As The gun fire goes on its bad that we are in the sidelines of all of this ... But there is really notthing we could do but keep safe.Putting soldiers on the border is not going to help as they are helpless standing around the border. Unless they are going to wear armour to stop the BULLETS HELLO

This past gunfight between the federales and cartel reminds one of the 1911 battles between Francisco Villa against the Federales> Back then the best seats in the house to view this was from Asarco, The Hacienda, and building in downtown El Paso. Yesterday all we had to do was go to the Porfirio Diaz and Paisano overpases and see the gunfights. Perhaps Mexico is overdue another revolution to cleanse itself of the deeply inbedded graft and corruption at all levels? Mayor Cook, any special plans

Hope them bullets don't hit that expensive new fangled sculpture UTEP just had installed.

our government doesn't care about el paso

this is like a little teenagers response saying "waaa, my parents don't care about me!" BULL. I don't even live in E.P. and for all the news media and attention you guys are getting for what is truly a concern for our U.S. borders its just shameless. Look, there are bigger cities in the states that may provide you better options for what you are looking for. If you think the U.S. govt doesn't care then why am I bitching about your post?

TR im with you brother

With all this information about OUR CUSTOMS AGENTS/BORDER PATROL, ETC. is it a wonder why the cartels love Juarez as a crossing point ?

Kevin Perkins, the FBI's assistant director for its criminal investigative division, mentioned the case of former Customs officer Margarita Crispin who was arrested in El Paso in 2007 and sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to a charge of conspiracy to import more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana.
Even though CBP has increased its internal affairs investigators to 214 in 2010 from five in 2006, its number of polygraph examiners falls short of the demand, Tomsheck said.

Since 2003, 129 customs officers and Border Patrol agents have been arrested on corruption charges, said Tom Frost, the Department of Homeland Security's assistant inspector general for investigations. That figure included the northern border and other ports of entry.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 12:00 am |
McALLEN, Texas - Mexican drug cartels are infiltrating federal law enforcement agencies along the Southwest border and those charged with weeding them out say they don't have the money to catch all the corrupt agents, homeland security officials told a U.S. Senate panel Thursday.

Why do the cartels love Juarez ?
Is it because it is easy to cross the drugs into the US with the help of someone ???
Do we have so many holes on the border ?
Or do the drugs cross over the bridge on the trucks with the BLIND EYE OF OUR CUSTOMS AGENTS?




I live in El Paso and this does not surprise me. I doubt if our leader (Mr. Obama) will do anything to protect the citizens of El Paso. A nice speech with no action.

What leader??? you mean the one whose getting a free ride living in the white house and calls himself president? He's not worthy of having that title. How safe is the Mayor of Juarez living here in El Paso, all those who fled Juarez were involved in the corrpution now make their residence here will be found and dealt with that's a given, but also innocent people are going to be caught in the cross fire. Are we going to have to suffer and live in fear Mayor Cook better be ready for a fight.

All Obama is is a spokesman for the corporations that run the country! The deMOCKracy we think we have is only a candy coated communisum in the works, government no longer works for the people, it works in the best intrest of its INVESTORS!

Whoa! That was close! I was pretty shocked to hear the news about the shootout in Jtown spilling over to El Paso and how close I was. I just happened to be at Memorial Gym for a volleyball scrimmage at around 4:30 pm. But, I'm not surprised that this is happening and this is not the last of it. Several weeks ago some bullets hit the city building coming from Juarez! Alot of El Pasoans think that we are pretty safe on our side of the border but that's not so. It's going to get worse.

I agree! What what do we do and where do we go?

yea... legalize guns. So you can "protect" yourself from shots coming over the border. I know good damn and well I'm not the only American who thinks this is a stupid Idea. LOOK AT THE VIOLENCE IN BRITTAIN!!!!!... well.. its hard to.. guns r banned. And they are in Mx too. So... how do the bullets and guns get over here in chihuahua where I live? How is it that if we ban anthng more thn a rifle, narcos obtain anti-aircraft weapons? Ever go to a U.S. gun show?

And people wonder why we should have the right to bear arms, and why that right is so important!!!!!!!! WHAT IF we have to protect ourselves from this " spill over" and we don't haVE THAT RIGHT? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Woody, I understand your concern. I have my daughter going to UTEP, I know the worry and fear. That said, fighting bullets with bullets is not the answer. I agree we need better protection and we do need to better guard our border. However, guns do not protect, they just make the problem bigger. We as tax paying citizens need to make sure we elect people who care for people more than they care about serving themselves or making a name for themselves. Citizens need to unite and demand protection.

I strongly agree with Concerned Mom. Her response makes me tear, and gives me hope. There are people out here in this world with reason that stand out.

Wow, so now maybe our governmrnt will wake up and better secure our borders!!!!

p.s. omg I could really go for some down home biscuits and gravy right now only like the midwest does..... with some grits and bacon... chihuahua doesn't have that.

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