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UPDATED: Manhunt Happening Now

UPDATED: Manhunt Happening Now

POSTED: Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 12:06pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 7:33pm

EL PASO - Police are searching for someone near Bel Air High School on N. Yarbrough Dr.

One of our viewers who lives in that area called to us to say police asked her to stay in her home because a "dangerous person" is on the loose.

Police dispatch reports said the person was jumping through yards in the area, but that has not been verified by police.

UPDATE 12:15: Police say the man is not armed. They say they were executing a warrant and the man took off running.

UPDATE 1:40: Neighbors say they heard the man is wanted for assault and kidnapping charges, however police have not confirmed that. Police also brought in a helicopter to help with the search, but the man has still not been found. We are told a press release with more information will be sent out later today.

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As a concerned parent, maybe the YISD spokesperson should have known that yes school is not in session, however students were on campus, such as Band students having daily morning rehearsals. Please keep us posted to keep our children SAFE.

How do you on and on..etc.

(Later ON Live) when we get the popcorn and a movie...don't forget the NEWS!!! Aaaah...

Is this great news,...or is it a tragedy? Live from the studios of channel 14, (I guess)LOL

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