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UPDATED: Day Two Of The Posada Trial


POSTED: Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 6:49pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 11:56pm

EL PASO - The Cuban exile, former CIA informant and alleged terrorist was back in Federal Court today.

Luis Posada Carriles is facing immigration-related charges, but the Federal Government seems to be making their case with his alleged ties to terrorism.

The prosecution in the case continued with their first witness Thursday, a Senior Immigration Attorney who questioned Posada when he was seeking asylum in the United States six years ago. In her testimony, she said Posada was under oath when she questioned him about his role in the 2007 hotel and resort bombings that took place in Havana, Cuba.

The prosecution has said Posada took credit for the bombings during an interview with a New York Times reporter, and it appears the government is using the witnesses testimony to try and prove what he testified under oath during his asylum interview is not what he freely admitted to the New York Times.

Update: Late Thursday the defense began cross-examination of the witness.

So far she has admitted to Posada's attorneys that the United States government determined Posada was not eligible for asylum because of his alleged criminal history and role in the Cuban bombings. However, she admitted the government took that position without ever looking at "one shred of evidence" linking him to the terrorism. 

The trial will continue on Tuesday, giving the jurors a 4 day weekend, but this case is far from over. We've learned the prosecution has as many as 18 witnesses coming from all over the world, including Guatemala and Italy. The defense has witnesses coming from as far away as Honduras.

In all the trial is expected to last about six weeks.

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We finally have JFK's killer(google posada and jfk) in a court of law and I really hope we don't blow it. He should at least spend his remaining days in a prison cell.

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