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UPDATED: 7-Year Old Killed In Car Crash

UPDATED: 7-Year Old Killed In Car Crash

POSTED: Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 8:52pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 13, 2010 - 7:18pm

EL PASO - A child was killed in an Upper Valley car accident.

Police say the driver of a Neon tried making a left turn into a parking lot and was t-boned by a Jeep that had the right-of-way.

A 7-year-old boy in the car died, and a 24-year old passenger in the car is in critical condition. Two other passengers in the car and the driver of the Jeep sustained non-life threatening injuries

The boy's name hasn't been released, and there's no word tonight on any charges.

The accident happened in the 5600 block of Doniphan.

**Update: Initially a spokeswoman for the El Paso Police Department told NewsChannel 9 the Neon t-boned the Jeep. After our first story was posted she informed us it was the Jeep that t-boned the Neon. However, she said the Jeep had the right-of-way.

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well now it doesnt really matter who t-boned who! the truth is people just have to get it together and learn how to drive again! a plus can we please just realize a 7 year old died here, the poor thing was barely starting his life!

Bottom line! Drivers are always in a hurry! Why? for fun? Just because? To get into the 7-11 driveway? I've been cut off too many times to count being that I drive for a living. Just can't seem to understand why people drive like they do. They don't realize that their erratic driving habits put riders in their cars and riders in other cars at risk as occurred in this incident. Yeah poor child! Yet who is at fault? All indicators point at the driver of the neon. Too in a hurry and for what?

and it matters who T-boned who because why? Even when you guys figure it out the poor 7 year old will never have another birthday, christmas, or easter. The child will never get to say goodbye to the old that they loved the most. So you guys keep wondering who t-boned who and I will hurt for a child I never meant because I am a mother.

The way I read the Times version of it, the Neon WAS t-boned. It says nothing about the Jeep BEING t-boned. It says the Jeep did the t-boning. Maybe you read it too fast.

let's all try to remember that a child has died.

My son-in-law who witnessed the immediate aftermath told me that he was traveling east on Redd. He said the red Neon was traveling west on Redd toward him. He said the Jeep was traveling north on Doniphan. He said the light was ready to turn as he was going straight thru the intersection. He said he saw the neon coming directly toward him at a high rate of speed. He hesitated going thru the light, barely made it thru, and the Neon went thru after him. He said he thought the Neon ran the light

Who else anthony Garcia!! Same guy with the dumb reports on EPSO

There was damage to the entire passenger side of the neon where the victims were located. That means that the Neon was t-boned not the Jeep. There was damage to the left front end of the Jeep. Who is reporting on this? I stopped to render assistance. I'm a nurse. So far, there have been MANY inconsistencies in Channel 9 reports of this event. For the families of the victims, this incorrect reporting can add additional pain and suffering. Get your act together, channel 9.

The neon failed to yield right of way to the jeep, basically cutiing in front of the jeep. It seems to me, the report does say the Neon was t-boned by the jeep, though it was not the driver of the jeep's fault, it is the driver of the Neon's fault for failure to yield right of way, by cutting into the path of the Jeep. It seems many El Pasoan's feel no need to take safety courses, something common to people from Juazez, and transplanted to El Paso, and do not understand how important it is.

What does people in Juarez have to do with a jeep t-boning a neon? I sometimes wonder where some people have their head!

What do you mean? that's what the report says." Police say the driver of a Neon tried making a left turn into a parking lot and was t-boned by a Jeep that had the right-of-way."

Bad drivers,Bad decisions on roads,many sad stories attributed to these factors,and laws stay the same!When will they make defensive driving courses mandatory to the inexperienced youth,maybe not so sharp elderly,new comers from other countries,and when We,the human race,stop thinking only of ourseslves,slow down,share the highways with the mindset we all have somewhere to be,and it could be yr loved ones in that other car,lets get there safely!Numbers may change.One needs to be held accountable

well the person at fault here was not in any of the categories u suggested should be given defensive driving courses...

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