Update: Woman Facing Foreclosure Even Though She's Made Payments


POSTED: Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 6:38pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 15, 2011 - 8:33am

EL PASO – Earlier this week, we told you about a woman who says she's made mortgage payments directly to an escrow company without missing a single one, only to find out the bank didn't get all of those payments. Tonight we spoke with the owner of that escrow company to figure out what went wrong.

On Monday, Yadira Castro said she was facing foreclosure, but didn't understand how, since she claimed she had been making her mortgage payments through First Knight Escrow.

The owner of First Knight, Laura Knight, told us it's all a misunderstanding, and that Castro didn't understand the terms of her contract with the escrow company, and that there was a discrepancy between the banks that owned the mortgage.

“Basically everything started well, until she made the first payment on time. The second payment, she sent it directly to Greentree...there was a discrepancy because there were two banks involved,” said Laura Knight.

Knight said the reason for the foreclosure notice was that Castro had made her payments directly to the bank, instead of to the escrow company.

“She continuously started to send the payments directly to Greentree and it threw everything off,” stated Knight.

However, Castro said that's not true. She showed us her receipts; all the receipts we saw, show that Castro had been making payments directly to the escrow company, and not the bank.

Knight said that things have been worked out now, and that the foreclosure has been halted.

“She is out of foreclosure...and her payment is not due until April the first,” added Knight.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates when available.

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I eventually lost my home, she got what she wanted and foreclosed.. All this money and loans I paid was going straight to her pocket. I have nothing to say, but karma comes back to those who deserve it. Guess she got what she deserved.

I knew there was something wrong with the way she ran things. She was "SUPPOSEDLY" trying to help me 3 years ago. I was divorced, a single parent, and the finance charges and charges accrued did not seem to make any sense. My parents tried to intervene, but since I was ignorant enough to trust her, and because I did everything to keep my home, I confided in her. She referred me to a "friend" of hers who helped me with another loan, only to find out in the long run I was deeper in debt.

Hey armyguyonbiggs wat yu meen bi prufreed?

The Companies that handle mortgage payments are notorius for using people as escape goats. It is never their fault or the banks. Federal regulators see the banks as the fault but not neccessarly true as this story proves. The mortgage companies should be responsible for the mistake since they hired this second company to handle the monies/escrow. Some of the money for mortgages that come to america come from other countries. Are government has become to lazy.

does anyone ever proofread the stories on this site before posting? read the title again "Woman facing foreclosure PAYMENTS even though she's made payments"? that just doesnt make sense

Welcome to El Paso, where things are not as they seem......

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