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UPDATE: Troubleshooters Case Closed


POSTED: Monday, December 27, 2010 - 3:21pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 - 5:45pm

Company Pays for Woman's Overdraft Fees

We have an update to a story we brought you last week. Sally Rey cashed a check from Desert King Windows that she received for having someone do a demonstration in her home.

But the check bounced, and the money was taken out of her bank account, along with a $25 return fee.

She was also charged $125 in overdraft fees because that bounced check, she says, caused her to overdraft on her account.

Originally Desert King only reimbursed her for the bounced check and the return fee for the check, but they just sent her a $200 check to cover the rest of the overdraft fees.

Desert King said the owners of the company did not find out about it until it was too late and apologized for the ordeal.

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this article has a blatant and deliberate lie. until checks clear, banks are forbidden by federal law from listing that money from a deposited check as available in any account. writing that money was "taken out of her bank account" when the check bounced is a false. that money was never available in her account.

using lies to emotionally manipulate your readers is unethical and far from professional. what ever happened to reporting facts?

way to go desert kings, that 200 u spent is nothing compared to the volumes of business u should be getting for doing the right thing nice job!!! The Wolf commends you!!!!

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