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UPDATE: Socorro City Hall Raid


POSTED: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 6:47pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 3:16pm

More than 24 hours after the Sheriff's raid on Socorro City Hall, there are still big gaps to fill in.

El Paso County Sheriff's Department said the only thing they can confirm is that they took a lot of of documents from City Hall in addition to a laptop from City Councilman Jessie Gandara Jr.'s home.

The Sheriff's office cannot confirm what they were looking for, but they did leave with numerous boxes of documents.

As for who tipped the investigators off, we're getting different accusations.

City Council member Jesse Gandara Jr. said he thinks Mayor Trini Lopez sparked the investigation as a threat. He said this investigation is being blown out of proportion when it's really just an internal power struggle between the old and new city council members.

"The members of the old family they don't know how to work together as a team," Rep. Jesse Gandara Jr. said. "They get frustrated with the new members because we won't do what the past used to do."

Some of those things are building new parks, renovating the old ones and building new streets.

He said the old members of city council liked things the way they were because they controlled Socorro to their advantage.

Angelica Becerra, the public information officer for the El Paso County Sheriff's office said that this type of investigation will take weeks to develop.

We were also told that the computer taken from Jesse Gandara Jr.'s home was a work computer and that's why they took it. They reportedly were in no way trying to specifically targeting him.

Mayor Trini Lopez did tell NC9 he was not the one who called the Sheriff's Dept.

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