UPDATE: Possible Motive Revealed in Soldier's Shooting


POSTED: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 8:11pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 3, 2011 - 11:17pm

Police: Gooding Was Steadman's Supervisor, Filed Disciplinary Action Against Him

EL PASO – A possible motive has emerged in Monday's shooting that left a mother of three dead, and her husband wounded.

Police now say Lykisha Gooding and James Steadman were assigned to the same unit at Ft. Bliss.

According to police, Gooding was Steadman's supervisor and there was pending disciplinary action that had been filed by Gooding against Steadman.

Police said Steadman went to the home Lykisha and Kelvin Gooding (pictured above) around 6:45 Monday morning. The home is located in a gated community in the 3700 block of Coco Palm.

Police said Steadman shot Kelvin Gooding one time in the face at the front door. According to investigators, Steadman then went upstairs and confronted Lykisha Gooding and fired several rounds, killing her.
Despite the gunshot wound on his face, police said Kelvin Gooding exchanged gun fire with Steadman as he fled, hitting him in the upper thigh. Police said there was a young child inside the couple's home who escaped unhurt during the shooting. Police said Kelvin Gooding is expected to survive.

Police said Steadman drove home to his apartment in the 8900 block of Kenneth. Steadman then got into a fight with his wife at their home and during the fight he was shot in the upper torso. Steadman died from that gunshot wound. Police have not released the name of Steadman's wife. Police will not say if she will face charges.

Fort Bliss confirmed both Steadman and Lykisha Gooding were soldiers. Fort Bliss officials would not confirm that Kelvin Gooding is a soldier, citing HIPAA laws.

According to her website, Lykisha Gooding was an aspiring country music singer, and a mother of three.

Police are still investigating.

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This fails to give any information about James Steadman’s motive. Yes, Sgt. Lykisha Gooding had put Steadman on report for a disciplinary infraction(s), but what was the infraction(s), and was the sergeant’s complaint justified? For instance, was Steadman hitting on her?

That she had put him on report I find insufficient, by itself, to provide a motive for his murdering her, and attempting to murder her husband.

Nicholas Stix

Wow. Y'all r arguing over petty stuff. She just lost her life, and you two are arguing over grammar.

Great! A shooting that leaves 2 dead, a family devastated during the holiday season and you two morons start playing "Grammar Police"!
Get a life!

Wow. I really can't believe thay we are so self-absorbed that we have chosen to critique each other's writing. The BIG picture is that there were two lives lost. A man lost his wife. A mother and father lost a daughter. Kids lost their mother, etc. Everyone makes mistakes when they write, type, spell, even in professionally printed books and magazines. I would ask everyone to be sensitive to the family and take this more serious because it is not about you and your spell/grammar check.

two people have loss their life, and all we can do is sit and do spell check....... for real why not try to reach out to the family and show them a little respect.....

my condolences go out to the Gooding and Lykisha's family. NOW who ever edited this needs to go back and read this "Lykisha Gooding was an aspiring country mucic " ITS MUSIC ! and" Police now say say Lykisha Gooding" SAY SAY bad grammer for a news media blog post get it right edit before blogging specially on news like this.

Yeah, Chuck...get it right. Especially on news like this...

its grammar not grammer...its especially not specially

It's "it's," not "its."

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