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UPDATE: Police identify man hit by car, killed


POSTED: Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 12:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 1:48pm

Longtime El Paso reporter John Garmon identified as victim

El Paso police identified a man killed after being hit by a car in east El Paso Saturday night as longtime El Paso reporter John Garmon.

A Toyota Corolla driven by Jose Sanchez hit Garmon, 72, near the intersection of Edgemere and Ivanhoe just before 8 p.m. Saturday.

"He was just walking home from the store," said Steven Garmon, son of the former television reporter.

Police said Sanchez was unable to stop before he hit Garmon.

Garmon was rushed to Del Sol Medical Center where he died.
His son said his father walked regularly to the store and on occasion after dark.

"He would walk to the store all the time, that's pretty much how he got his exercise," Garmon said.

Garmon was retired for about 7 years but many still remember him from his time on t-v at KDBC, KTSM, and KVIA.

"He was really passionate about cold cases and I think that was his real passion," Garmon said of his father.

Garmon worked as a reporter covering big stories like that of convicted serial killer David Leonard Wood who was convicted of killing six people in the late 1980's.

He was a staple in the courtroom but at home he was just dad.

"He was a great father to me," Garmon said. "He always has been and he's always tried to do anything he possibly could for me."

Garmon had three children and two step children.

Garmon and his family said growing up their father would always share stories of his work.

Garmon said in recent years he and his father became even closer.     

Police have not charged the driver of the car, Jose Sanchez, 40.

Alcohol is not believed to be a contributing factor.

A car struck and killed a 72-year old man Saturday night in east El Paso, near the intersection of Edgemere and Ivanhoe.  The unidentified man died after an ambulance took him to the hospital.
The accident happened just before 8 p.m.
El Paso police said they do not believe alcohol played a part in the fatal accident.  The driver of the Toyota Corolla stopped and cooperated with police.




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Nobody can walk the streets in El Paso - with all the idiots that are out there driving. I believe
a lot of them don't even have a drivers' license. They drive like they own the road and nobody
better get in front of them because they'll kill him like John Garmon. It's sad but it's the truth.
I think El Paso has the worst drivers around. How many pedestrians have been killed here ??
It's shameful !!!

One thing that I have noticed about a whole lot of drivers is that many of them do not look very far down the road they are driving. It seems that they cannot see beyond their noses. They often do not become aware of an obstacle, a pediestrian, a bycylist, or an animal until it is too late to avoid hitting whatever is in their way. To me it is a form of distracted driving and it is dangerous. Driving beyond the posted speed limit or drunk driving only makes the situation worse and deadlier.

You are so right, we have a lot of idiots driving the streets of El Paso. Nobody or anything better get in their way because they will run them over as has been the case so many times. They are not looking where they are driving, rather just on their merry way. Right down until the traffic lights stops them and sometimes that even that ?? How many of El Paso drivers run the RED LIGHT ?? They are always in a hurry to get where ???

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