UPDATE: Police Call Body Found Near Canal Murder


POSTED: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 6:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 7:09pm

EL PASO - A body found in the lower valley today is the ninth murder in El Paso so far this year.

Two people were walking near Nevarez Rd. and Alameda Rd. around 6:30 this morning when they saw a body on the north side of a canal, in the 350 block of Nevarez.

"As soon as got here we saw the police," said Rosa Castor, who works across the street from where the body was found at Ivan's Portables.

She also talked to the two people who found the body this morning, and they described what the victim looked like.

"He was wearing dark clothes, like dark blue jeans, and a dark shirt also," she said.

She also says they described an injury to the throat, such as a cut or even markings of strangulation.

"Crimes Against Persons Investigators are here at the scene along with crime scene investigators," police spokesman Darrel Petry said. He did not confirm that the victim's throat was slit. Police are only saying the victim is a Hispanic male in his 30's

"We're not even sure if it happened here, maybe they must've just dropped the body here," Castor said.

But the people at Ivan's Portables say they rarely see police patrolling the area and the area where the body was found makes them nervous because there are few street lights making it very dark.

"Sometimes we get off work late when it's getting dark and we're scared, I would even tell my sister, wait for me because I don't want to leave by myself," Castor said.

She thinks it must've happened between the time they left last night at 6 and the time the body was found this morning. But they don't have any security cameras to check. After this morning, they may change their minds.

"And now we're going to think about it twice, staying and working late," she said.

There was only one murder at this time last year.

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Do you think we can safely say that the Mexico violence has spilled over? Lopez scraps is known to be linked with drugs. So it's no surprise.

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