Update on El Paso Woman Facing Foreclosure


POSTED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 3:19pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 11, 2012 - 10:12am

EL PASO – There's new information tonight on an exclusive Newschannel 9 Troubleshooters report. We first told you an El Paso woman almost lost her home-- blaming her problems on an escrow company. Then, last Friday, the owner of that escrow company came under arrest.

When Yadira Castro reached out to us, she had a foreclosure date looming over her head. She claimed she was making her mortgage payments through the escrow company, First Knight Escrow, but that the company, hadn't been paying the bank. On Friday, Laura Knight, the owner of the escrow company, was arrested for deceptive business practices in relation to another case. So, what does this mean for Castro?

Richard Roman is Castro's attorney.

“I've filed a lawsuit. there is a restraining order, potentially pertaining as well, to hold off on any foreclosure sales until we get this matter resolved."

Roman said he's also representing another person, who also claims to have been defrauded by Knight. He says her arrest will affect his case in court.

“If the money was misappropriated... it definitely plays into how I feel my client has been affected by the funds not reaching the appropriate place."

And, Laura Knight's legal entanglements don't seem to end there. The reason for her arrest last week, was “theft by check”, in relation to Leonor Armendariz's case. That woman claims Knight had stolen over $100,000 from her.

“She thought I wouldn't defend myself or do anything, because I'm old...that if I die, I leave everything, but no. I still have time to do something,” said Armendariz.

We tried reaching out to Laura Knight's attorney, Gino Estrada, for a comment, but he has yet to answer back.

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It seems that Laura still is doing her thing!!! She stold money from us and does not want to give it back. She is a lady full of lies and is hurting families by making them think they will get their house. She should pay for all the fraud and theft she had done and STILL is doing. It seems she doesn't want to learn her lesson!!

@ carygr, spoken like a true REALTOR! I'm sure when the investigation is complete, this lady's business practices will be clear.
I was a residential lender for many years and just like any industry, there are good Realtors and Bad ones. I have closed many properties without using a realtor, so this disproves your "ra ra for Realtors" comment.
There is no excuse for dishonest business practices, weather you are represented or not.
I hope this lady from the escrow co. gets what she deserves!!

You better do a title check, with a title company to make sure it's clear. This is what happens when you do not use a real estate agent, this would not of happened. For some reaon, people think they are smarter than Realtors, and they are not, this poves what happens when people think they are smarter than a Realtor and do not need them.

Laura Knight should be sentenced to the max allowed by law

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