UPDATE: Jury To Deliberate In Ramos Trial

UPDATE: Jury To Deliberate In Ramos Trial

POSTED: Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 3:36pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 2, 2012 - 6:22pm

The aggravated assault trial of a former deputy constable continued as prosecution finished closing arguments Thursday. 

The closing arguments for both sides seemed to center on defining deadly force and if it was necessary for Ramos to use against Ortegon. The judge read the definition aloud to the courtroom.

The prosecution mentioned how none of the witnesses felt that Ramos had justification to use deadly force.

The defense fired back by accusing the prosecution of using at least five different theories throughout the trial that did not have credible evidence to support them. They also claimed that Ortegon had lied under oath in his firt testimony. He originally said that he was never on Lee Trevino and did so because he is on parole. Otegon has been convicted of two felonies and is on parole for assaulting a police officer.

Mario Ramos is accused of shooting Juan Ortegon after a chase nearly four years ago. Last week, one witness testified Ortegon was not a threat to the former constable during the shooting.

Witnesses say Ortegon was not armed and was running away from Ramos when he was shot.


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Is it me or does this guy look like a thug who caught a break and a decent job, did what he was probably inclined to do, and revealed what he truly is, a thug. I hope they put him away for a long time.

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