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UPDATE: Indicted Cop Still On Duty

UPDATE: Indicted Cop Still On Duty

POSTED: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 9:56am

UPDATED: Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 12:28pm

UPDATE: Darryl Petry, the Spokeman for the El Paso Police Department, says he believes Officer Mark Munoz has remained on duty since being accused, charged and indicted for sexual assault.

We have asked Petry who made the call to keep Munoz on duty, and we have requested an interview with that person. We are now waiting for the EPPD to get back to us.



The indictment says that Mark Munoz assaulted the victim while she was unconscious and physically unable to resist. According to the indictment, the incident happened over a year ago.

Munoz was indicted in July but the charge was not filed with the district clerk until October 19, 2010.

We are attempting to contact the Police Department to find out if Munoz is still working or if he was suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. We are also trying to contact district Attorney Jaime Esparza to see if they will bring in a special prosecutor to take over the case.

An arraignment has been scheduled tomorrow at 2 p.m.

To see the indictment download the PDF below...

MarkMunozIndictment.PDF52.2 KB

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The media seems to delight in passing judgement this officer before knowing all of the facts in the case.It looks like the media has found a case that will sell newspapers rather than doing the right thing and allowing the normal run of Justice. Shame on them

You know how sad it is for someone with years of service, doing good and the public and the media, how quickly "judgement" is being passed and wronging that someone...pointing the finger...without hearing the other side....that is sad. While there are really bad people who get away with murder and walking the streets. THe man saved another human being's life not long ago, with an impeccable record and the media and public would rather find bad in a person,,,than hear all the true facts.

That's what happens when people are accused of any type of sexual crime. They are guilty until proven innocent. However, since police are figures of authority, we should be extra careful.

Look it up. Go to the DPS website; you can probably find the info there if you remember the name of the offender.

Is he and the other officers who sexually assaulted that 14 yr old registered sex offenders?

I don't know if he is however that is a question I would like the answer to also. If he isn't the officer, who was? and what happened to the case?

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