UPDATE: Gandara, Canales Arrested on Federal Drug Charges


POSTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 12:02am

UPDATED: Friday, February 24, 2012 - 3:22pm

County Commissioner Arrested Earlier This Evening

UPDATE - Few details have been released in this case.  Officials are saying that Willie Gandara Jr., 37 and Jose Canales, 50 were arrested on federal drug trafficking charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy. Jail records say both are being held without bond.

Gandara Jr. sits on the El Paso County Commissioners Court and announced in December 2011 that he intended to run for the Texas House of Representatives.

You can view the indictment on the case in the attachment below. 


EL PASO - NewsChannel 9 has confirmed that Willie Gandara Jr. was arrested late Wednesday evening on federal drug charges. 

Diana Apodaca, the DEA spokesperson, released this statement on the incident: 

"DEA, ICE, IR, with assistance of the FBI, along with our state and local law enforcement partners, are conducting this ongoing operation." 

Check with ktsm.com for more information as this story develops. 

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If what Gandara is being charged with is true then it is hard for me to beleive that he started dealing his poison as recently as 2010. His dealing in poison (drugs) is what most liklely gave the Gandara family their wealth and not the hard work that they profess to be so good at. What a blemish on El Paso and his children

This family should hang their heads low in shame because of all the coruption each and every one of them are involved in. I posted a comment about the brother in California who was arrested for conspiracy that KTSM did not post stating my comment was not justified when I said that people should run from the Gandara name...I wonder if they will post it now that the truth seems to be surfacing. These people are criminals and should all be tried by a jury of their peers and sent to prison! They are bullies and think that they can get away with anything. Their business practices should be scrutinized thoroughly by the FBI because thy are a bunch of crooks....they even steal from each other! I am so glad that these criminals are being blasted on the news for the immoral acts that they have been doing for a long, long time. Karma can be cruel at times, but if you are honest, you should have no fear...It's about time they all go down!!

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it does not surprise me that more city leaders are being investigated and consequently arrested.
greed, sex and drugs lead to corruption and no one is exempt especially people that have authority.
as long as GOD is kept out of our government and our schools, we will continue to see a decline
in morals, respect and crime prevention.

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