Update: Family Displaced After Ceiling Collapses Has Better Accommodations


POSTED: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - 4:22pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 12:05pm

Some El Paso families have new homes tonight after recent heavy rain collapsed their ceilings at the Machuca apartments. But not all had comfortable living spaces when we checked in.

When Silvia Hernandez and her three kids headed to a motel to stay temporarily, she was relieved they'd have a place to sleep. But now, things are a little cramped.

"Four people in one bed," Hernandez said. She was hoping for two beds.

"I come to the room and I get a surprise theres only one bed, and I say 'oh, I don't think so,'" she said.

Hernandez said she told was told she'd get a room with two beds, so we put in a call to the Housing Authority.

They said their first priority was making sure everyone was safe. They also said they have 17 prepaid rooms and some residents didn't show up, so they would try to get Hernandez and her children into one of those rooms.

"We cannot be like that, and my sons on the floor because we don't know what's on the floor," she said.

We're told the Housing Authority has been providing food for the displaced families and they can also eat complementary breakfast at the hotel.
Hernandez also got a money card from the American Red Cross so they could start over.

"Some clothes for my son, pants, I bought this for my daughter yesterday," she said.

The Housing Authority says it is working on finding a permanent three-bedroom apartment for Hernandez and her kids.

It may not be the same, but hopefully it'll have a little more breathing room.

Hernandez said after all the back-and-forth phone calls, she finally got a room with two beds.

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Actually the city is not paying for this the Housing Authority is RESPONSIBLE!!!! Because of their negligence on hiring incompetent roofers WE ALL WERE LEFT WITHOUT A HOME. Our homes were all extremely clean as a REQUIREMENT that is stipulated in our leases. I do apologize if the words are to big for you to understand you can look them up in the dictonary!!!

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