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Update: El Paso's Poop Alleys

Update: El Paso's Poop Alleys

POSTED: Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 4:43pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 28, 2011 - 3:43pm

EL PASO - Mayor John Cook says he's known about the problem for a while now, but yet nothing has been done about a Downtown El Paso alley that's lined with human urine and feces. In fact, Mayor Cook told us this isn't the only alley in El Paso that's like that.

Neighbor Randy French says he can't believe what Mayor Cook told us.

"Come to our beautiful City of El Paso. We'll give you a grand tour of all the new renovation things, and then we're going to take you down poop alley where they treat migrant workers like s***. Excuse the language," French said. "Mayor cook said he doesn't know what to do about it last night. I'll take over his job in a heartbeat, without money."

We pushed the city for answers, and today we got them. A Deputy Building Official with the city walked with us down what is now being called "poop alley." He also spoke with French, and told him some unpleasant news about who's responsible for the cleanup.

"The property owners are responsible for the adjacent alleys," Deputy Building Official Bill Stern said .

However, Stern did promise to try to put an end to the dirty problem.

"I will check into that and find out who's responsible for policing the area and making sure people aren't going to the bathroom in the alley," he said.

So how did poop alley turn into a public toilette? As we reported, migrant workers camp outside of the Farm Workers Center waiting for work. Farm workers told us the center doesn't allow them to use the restroom inside. That's also against city code according to Stern.

"So, if someone's been denied access to use the restroom then they can call our department. They can call me personally at 599-3742," Stern said.

We asked the Director of the Farm Workers Center why he's not letting people use the restroom inside.

"We don't allow drunk people to enter the facility. That is a requirement by the State of Texas," Director Carlos Marentes said.

"So, are you saying the majority of the people who use the restroom in the alley are drunk," we asked.

"I don't know. I don't see who does it," Marentes replied.

So for now, Code Enforcement needs to wait for a migrant worker to file a formal complaint, and it appears the city's giving neighbors the number two end of the deal.

"I think they're just trying to pass the buck. That's what I really think," French said.

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Sin Fronteras is a safe haven for farm workers.
Anyone who has been drinking is not allowed in the center. About 5 months ago a group of homeless men and women have camped out on the sidewalk of the parking lot across the street. There are mattresses, sofas, blankets and you can find empty beer bottles as well. Since they are drinking, they are not allowed to enter the center for safety precautions. Hence they have littered the alley.
The police should enforce the rules, and remove them.

Fine the building owners, as the law allows, until THEY clean it up. The law states it is their job, then allow them to do it. If they lock the alley so be it.

It's not poop, but shit to blame illegals!!
Just get it cleaned-up. Mr. Cook: Do your job!
You might ask your city manager to take over. She
will get the job done and will prevent further incidents.

French How about you open your door to these people, who have no respect for anyone or others property. That way you can you can help the city by stopping the passing of the buck. And you can save the city money by not having to clean it up or the expense of porta potties.
Another win win !

To all legal, illegal, and un-documented...its still your responsibility if you are here in this country to pay taxes like everyone else.

Its called ITIN for those who do not have a SSN. A new law should force all migrant employers to do E-verify and pay by check not in cash so the proper taxes can be garnished from the employee.

If this happened then i'm sure a facility would be built for you because the taxes from you, helped pay for it. Its not difficult to understand.

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