UPDATE: Big Brothers Big Sisters Worried about Proposed Budget Cuts

UPDATE: Big Brothers Big Sisters Worried about Proposed Budget Cuts

POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 12:28pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 8:55am

EL PASO - 98 percent of mentored children have stayed in school and avoided the juvenile system, according to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  

Beth Senger is the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters here in El Paso. She says statistics like these are why she and her team are fighting to avoid proposed federal budget cuts.

Senger says the proposed budget cuts threaten the success of mentoring programs here in El Paso.

Our community alone could lose over $1.2 million in the funding of Mentoring Children of Prisoners and Big Brothers Big sisters.

Nationally, 43,750 children could potentially lose their mentoring services, 2/3 of whom are Hispanic and African American.

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BBBS is infamous for being poorly operated? Where do you get your facts to support this? Infamous with who? BBBS is one of a handful of research based prevention programs that work. I don't agree with using teacher pay to fund them, but clearly these are not the types of programs that are running up our deficit. Until our elected leaders get serious about the sacred cows (defense, s.s., Medicare) we're going to kill our economy and widen the poverty gap. In the end, we all suffer.

I think that Obama should look into how millions of dollars for education were misapropriated! Gotta love Rick Perry. If our own gonvernment doesn't give on our children's education, why are we surprised that our teachers don't either! If Big Brothers and Big Sisters is helping children, then funding should remain the same or increase!

BBBS is worried about their employment and not the kid's well-being. BBBS is infamous for being poorly operated. As for teacher's pay going towards BBBS that is a ridiculous idea.
In TX teachers are taken advantage-of by administrators, students and parents. Parents need to step-up to the plate and take care of their children;or be prosecuted and fined. Yeah, you can get monies for BBBS from the fines on lame parents.

Maybe some of the teachers and education administrators should lose some of their funding since they are not helping these kids? The funds should go to Big Brothers Big Sisters instead. Isn't Obama preaching that we need more investing in education? Redistribute the teachers wealth to this organization.


Please? Enlighten me. Where am I wrong? Or are you limited in your vocabulary and is "clueless" all you have to say?

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