Union Pacific Railroad Expansion Headed to Santa Teresa


POSTED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 11:32am

UPDATED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 10:40pm

SANTA TERESA. NM - In her first trip to Dona Ana County since being elected, Governor Susanna Martinez announced a major project Friday, that could bring as many as 3,000 jobs to southern New Mexico.

Union Pacific plans to invest more than $400 million to build a major switching yard in Santa Teresa.
Railroad leaders say the current hub in downtown El Paso will remain open.

The deal is dependent on the passing of a fuel tax break in New Mexico Legislature, which Gov. Martinez doesn't see as a problem.

The hub is expected to be completed in 2015.

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Broadway is correct and beast35 makes it sound like Santa Teresa is just south of Albuquerque. In the end, the removal of the train yard could be better for El Paso; it would free up a lot of real estate along I-10. Although a good employer, it's location has stymied downtown area development for decades.

Yes, the workers will still come from el paso-Nm, but the HUB is located in New Mexico, not Texas, as it has forever. What do you think the major driveing force to relocate in NM came from? El Paso is only friendly to call centers, and other service industries, that open shop and cut bait and leave the area. If it was not for EPISD, YISD, Ft Bliss, our unemployment figures would match south Texas. Wake up and smell the chorizo, push your city "leaders" to do the right economic choices for EP

way to go el paso city council let another good big company just leave without a fight as usual. Its almost like you incompitent polticians with to much money dont understand common sense about what is good for the city. again way to go el paso big city with a small liberal town attitude bravo....... and for you politicians im being sarcastic dumb asses

El Paso really isn't losing the jobs. They're staying in the area. The workers will still be shopping here. But it's a windfall for the railroad.

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