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Unemployment Spikes in El Paso


POSTED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 5:20pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 6:38pm

EL PASO - More El Pasoans were looking for work last month.

10.9 percent of the local workforce was out of a job in June.

That is nine-tenths of a percentage point higher than the month before and well above the statewide average of 8.2 percent.

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Age or education has nothing to do with anything unless your going for a high manager position.

No speaky Spanish forget having a job here in EP. Also jobs that should be paying 100k salaries are only 50k jobs because if you don't go with it then they will repalce you with someone with a work visa.

Plus you have to be a cousin or relative if you want to get a good job with the city or company here.

The WH Press Secretary said this morning that America has it really good so stop complaining and look at the bright side, other countries are poorer than us. Don't despair, 2012 is around the corner. Si se puede ain't working but there is plenty of downward change.

Ive been in the Computer industry both in test and server support for over 15 years. AMD 7 years, Motorola 5 years Six sigma black belt. HOWEVER I'm 50.
I moved back to EP to help my mother out and I have been begging for a job for over a year.

Even the few computer companies here like Augmentix bypassed me , which I firmly believe it was because of my age. I never thought I would end up as a static mulling over welfare.

Your quest is an honorable one. You don't want to leave your moms by herself and you returned to see if you can help. Nothing wrong with that. Have you tried free lancing or even part time? Good luck to you and hope you find the avenue to help yourself and your moms. Never mind what sand flea says. You belong where your heart is not where your wallet longs to be.

How's that "Changey-Hopey thingie" working out for you...El Paso?

My question is , why are people coming to El Paso due to family issues. Example because your now 50 or any age and you want to be close to your Parents and or kids. I'd rather be in a city where jobs are available and therefore help my family members with money ..but with a job. Not stuck in El Paso with no job and no money, living off food stamps and welfare. Get out if this city and get a job and help your family that way.

Irregardless of what our government says. I firmly believe that we are in the start of another DEPRESSION. If this was not so why would our first lady suggest and start her own VICTORY GARDEN> This is some thing that sustained the normal American Family during the GREAT DEPRESSION.All you have to do is look around the signs are there. The massive job lay offs. The lack of hiring. The loss of medical support and financial aid. Bank, School,And business closures. Home foreclosures.

Hopefully she will really need her garden in 2013, because she'll be out of a job.

The only jobs created in El Paso are (a) call centers: people harassing other people into buying Chinese-made junk and services they don't need; (b) mall sales people; trying to sell more Chinese-made junk that pretty soon nobody can afford anymore. No trillion dollar stimulus can fix the basic problem, which is the demise of American manufacturing.

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