Unemployment Rate Dropping in El Paso


POSTED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 21, 2011 - 9:37pm

EL PASO - Good news for the unemployment rate in El Paso.  For the sixth straight month, the unemployment rate has dropped.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the unemployment rate in the Sun City is 9.2%.  It had been 9.6% the month before.

In Texas, the unemployment rate is 8.2%.

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Does any one in this comment sheet even know economics??? the reason we dnt have available jobs here in El Paso is not cuz of the Juarez ppl but because of El Paso it self they dnt want to bring more jobs to El Paso, why do u think six flags wasn't built here?? why do u think there's not even one casino here in El Paso??? why u think Western play land is in cruces now??? cuz stupid El PASO dnt want to struggle and dnt want to grow, they are refusing every opportunity they have to grow.

The unemployment rate can also drop a whole lot more if we quit letting people from Juarez work in El Paso and give those jobs to American citizens. Do employers realize how much our economy is hurting? Hiring people from Juarez does not help the economy much. The money they make here will primarily go to Juarez. Does that make sense to any of you. Give Americans the jobs and keep El Paso's unemployment lower. We as Americans are not responsible for their economy, only ours.

First know what's going on then speak, dnt u know students from Mexico come every year to either UTEP/EPCC and spend their money here to study??? duh

ur jst a racist, FYI ppl who do have money in juarez and also those who wrk here and are from Juarez they come and spend their money at the mall every weekend they dnt take it to Mexico. Duh haven't u ever gone out on a weekend to the shopping centers and malls?? Get out and look around tons of ppl from Mexico not only juarez are the ones that come to el paso and shop more than we do, and leave their money here....jst something to keep in mind and u should know. Smarty pants, first know what's g

i totally agree because they are not required to pay the taxes we do.So what money is going back into the system to pay for schools,highways,etc?

Must be nice to come over to america and get a 22k a year job and once they go back over because of the exchange rate it actually jumps up to 27k. No wonder why they are driving cars better then most americans.I hear about how bad it is over there and yet i see 5 juarez plates with 30k cars. Does not make sense to me.Kudos for taking advantage of us

This sends misleading message. People are running out of their unemployment benefits & are dropping off the rolls. Did you know that if a person is let go on Monday morning, they are counted as employed that week? If a person is too sick to apply for a job for the week, they are not counted as unemployed statistically? If an existing job is refilled, it is counted as a NEW job. Remember 'figures lie and liars figure.'

That's interesting Rose. You must have worked at the unemployment office sometime in the past...lol I don't think most people realize that if you double the stated unemployment rate it's closer to the actual rate. Unemployment in the U.S. is closer to 18% if you include those NOT collecting unemployment benefits. In Europe, you can collect the dole for the rest of your life if you want. I believe the Congress will try and implement a European style of unemployment benefits in the future.

I refudiate your comment

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