Unemployment High In El Paso


POSTED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 3:45pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 2:39pm

EL PASO - El Paso's unemployment rate is higher than Texas and the rest of the Nation.

"Our current unemployment rate is 10.4 percent, which means 35,000 people are currently without a job in our area," Lauren Macias-Cervantes from Workforce Solutions said.

At least four people looking for jobs on Thursday at Workforce Solutions Basset Place have been unemployed for more than two years. Many others also say it's hard to find a job in El Paso.

"We have seen job seekers now who are now more on the verge of becoming homeless because they have been unemployed for so long," Macias-Cervantes said.

Not only do we have 35,000 people looking for work, El Paso recently lost 3,000 jobs. Macias-Cervantes says it may be temporary.

"In the summertime we do see a drop in jobs and we see the unemployment rate increase simply because those employees that typically work in the school system come out for the summer," she said.

For those without a job, Workforce Solutions always has a job bank ready and people to help you find employment. This weekend at Bassett Place they're holding a job fair with HP. The company has more than 100 openings in El Paso.

"Our services are free. There is no cost. If they don't have a computer at home, we have computers. We have online job bank that has more than 1000 jobs every week," Macias-Cervantes said.

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Well if you travel outside of el paso most other texans don't even consider EP as part of Texas anymore. I know people don't want to say it but why pay an american when you can give someone from mexico the job for half the pay and not required to give health benefits to them either. Its the truth and if you say any different i dare you to get on the highway around 5pm and see the traffic build up of people going back to mexico driving better cars then you.

What can we expect? El Paso is among those ten poorest cities in the United States. Now, what else do those ten poorest cities have in common? Not one of them has ever had a Republican mayor. Not ever! Wouldn't you think folks would catch on and do something about it?

For job security and frequently good benefits, apply at the utility companies, especially the water & wastewater industries.
Minimum requirements: high school diploma or GED, no criminal record, and a willingness to learn, work hard, put in overtime, and be on call.
Warning: Not a job for sissies or whiners.

10.4% unemployed in El Paso,so how can Texas governor Rick Perry say that since he has been governor that he has created 1 million jobs in Texas? Since he has been governor of Texas El Paso has been in the 9% or higher unemployment bracket.

How many employees from the Workforce Centers are losing their jobs??? How many of these 100 positions will hire people without skills or schooling? The people who haven't found a job in 2 years are most likely not going to find jobs because there aren't enough jobs in El Paso. This has nothing to do with it being summer. These unemployed people have gone through more than a summer unemployed.

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