TX teen walks after surviving skydiving fall

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 10:29am

A Texas girl is up and walking, just days after falling three thousand feet during a skydiving accident. Janet Saint James has more on the girl's long, yet hopeful, recovery.

A smile lit up 16 year-old Makenzie Wethington's face, as she walked across a room for the first time.

Joe Wethington, Father, "Like the doctor said at OU, that they didn't expect her to come out of that at all. And now she's walking all the way across the room."

Dr. Seema Sikka, "The injuries she's had and the way that she's recovered, i still think it's incredible."

Dr. Sikka and a team of specialist at the Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation in Dallas, are overseeing Makenzie's care now. Here she will undergo at least three hours of rehab a day, learning to perform daily tasks again. Her parents say Makenzie remembers jumping out of the plane, but won't speak of anything afterward.

Holly Wethington, Mother, "My concern is not about what happened that day, it's the fact that she is still alive and there's a reason for it. And may daughter is still here and I get to see her every day. As far as the parachute opening or not opening, it is my last concern. I don't care if she ever remembers. I'm just glad that she's here and she's walking and she's alive."

Doctors say Makenzie's biggest challenges will be pain and patience. For a thrill seeking teen who says roller coasters are boring, rehab may prove to be the second greatest challenge of her life.

Makenzie has fractures in her spine, ribs, pelvis and hips from the January 25th accident.

Doctors expect her to be at the rehab facility for at least a couple of weeks.

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