TX Politician Proposing Immigration Law Similar to AZ

TX Politician Proposing Immigration Law Similar to AZ

POSTED: Sunday, April 25, 2010 - 8:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 8:48pm

EL PASO, TX - It's controversial, but one high profile El Pasoan isn't shy about showing his support for Arizona's new immigration law. Jaime O. Perez, Republican candidate for County Judge, is pushing for a similar bill in Texas.

The Arizona law requires officers to ID anyone they think may be in the country illegally, in border areas that may mean hispanic-looking people. That's why protestors hit the streets this weekend. Civil Rights groups say it will open the door for racial profiling by police, but Perez says that's a concern that's being blown out proportion.

"I think that's an exaggerated claim. I don't believe that. I think that's a claim being put out by people who want amnesty, because what they're trying to do is draw a line in the sand that will force the Federal Government to do comprehensive immigration reform," he said.

Perez says he is proposing a similar bill in Texas that will also call for police to ID people who look like they may be here illegally.

"How can you say it's not going to open up flood gates for racial profiling," New Channel Reporter Anthony Garcia asked. "Well, I mean, there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world and my proposal is for all immigrants whether they're form Greece, England, or whoever came on a student visa and stayed for example," Perez answered.

Perez admits along the Mexico border it will be Hispanic-looking people who are ID'ed, but he say's if those people are here legally they should have nothing to hide.

"I don't think that's offensive, and why would you be afraid to be asked for your identification," he said.

Perez said the bill is not meant to turn police into immigration officials, but rather to put pressure on the Federal Government to fix a broken system.


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I believe that we all have more important things to worry about than illegals supposedly taking food out of people's mouths, according to some of you. The problem with the world is that everyone is affraid of the unknown. If you feel threatened by someone you will attack the person they are and where they come from.Instead of taking care of problems all around the world as a whole, we are rather selfish and think everything to our conveniece.

If you think this Arizona Law is going to be the last we hear about it, I have a bridge I can sell you. If we let this law become a law, we will be very sorry. This goes for not only hispanics but for everybody else, including whites and blacks, etc. They are just trying to get their foot in the door. Be Careful!!

I agreed that someone doesn't have anything to hide show your ID. if you are an US citizen you should have more than one form. people stop trying to change the laws just apply them, we all live by it so the immigrant should too if you don't like it then return to own country and live by them. omg that is why there here but they don't but they complain about how unfair this could be for them. make up your mines.

I know a LOT of Patriotic Americans that hire illegals, and they won't hire Americans, ask them, WHY?This country was built in the backs of all immigrants:Europeans,Mexicans etc. all over the world. All come courtesy of our free-market economy, which demands VERY CHEAP LABOR.If they don't find anybody here for very cheap labor our AMERICAN BOSS will go overseas and America will be more screw.I can tell you there is no straightforward path to citizenship, with the possible exception of marriage

we are americans not mexicans we pay taxes mexicans don't we got ss# mexicans don't if you americans don't like the law go to mexico i'm sure youll change ur mind.we can't go to mexico without a passport or a visa they enforce their border laws and its not racist for them to do it,go figure but if we do its racist what a joke mexico never done nothing for me,you need papers to be in this country its the law and by the way i got a spanish surname not mexican born and raised american

I agree that something has to be done. This might just be a start to reforming the immigration laws. If law makers keep on adding more laws instead of going back and reading the laws that are already there, than implement them we might not be having to reform any thing. Why? Because the law is already a there. If you are in the USA illegal than you are breaking the law. Go to Iran or Pakistan and cross that border. See what happens to you. You do not get a free ride over in those countries.

Great for Texas! Praise you for standing up for American Citizens! And I say to those who scream boycott Arizona and Texas - so ahead and the majority shall boycott you!

Thank you Arizona and Texas for protecting the welfare and rights of American Citizens!!

I have an Idea??? Why not stamp LEGAL on the forehead of all the legal hispanics??? OR put a chip in them??? OR tatoo an I.D number on their arm...Hey maybe we can set up a Huge Camp for them too??? Do you people Not see where this insanity can lead too? Shame on anyone who supports the repubi-nazi's

Anastasia, you might just have something there. We can start by stamping or microchip the drug cartel and maybe the all the terrorize. It will make the border patrol job a lot easier.

Jaime Perez: Yes, there are other immigrants, but the one of the reasons as to why they imposed this law is to mainly make the illegal Hispanics dissipate. This is something you seem to be oblivious to. They are not going to be look for the English or the British or any other immigrants besides Hispanics, this is why it is racial profiling. You are also Mexican and you look like one too, how would you feel if every week or even daily they would stop you to ID you primarily because of your skin?

Poeple please read the law it will help you understand what it is about, I am about a week away from living in Tucson Arizona and I am Mexican American and am not affraid to show my ID if I did or seemed that I did somthing wrong
(probable cause).

They ID me for purchases at Walmart. They ID me for alcohol. They ID me every time I travel. They ID me to get on a bus, a train, a plane, or a boat. They ID me every time I pull a stupid move on traffic. They ID me when I vote. They ID me when I drink.

HOW THE HELL IS THIS DIFFERENT? Are they Anti-white, Anti-bald guy, Anti-European for asking for my ID? Or are they enforcing an existing law? Would I go to jail any slower for violating Federal Law? HELL NO!

Wow lets id every one with brown skin. If they happen to have forgotten their wallet that day ship them off to Mexico. Its time for the Hispanic community to ban together and end this racial profiling. Sorry some immigrants enter the country illegally to clean the rich politicians houses. Wake up an turn your eyes to the real thieves the politicians and lobbyist. Oh yeah when the time comes rock the vote!

I have a better idea, Let EVERYONE carry id to prove citzenship, regardless of race, as far a being shipped off to mexico, if they have no right to be in the country, why should "going home" be a problem? And " some immigrants enter the country illegally to clean the rich politicians houses" is downright disenguious, if the federal goverment admits to 12 to 15 million, the real number is probably closer to 20-25 million, so lets stay on topic and factual.
the rest of your post i can agree with

I challenge anyone opposed to Border Control legislation to point out to me where on the face of this entire planet are people from one nation allowed to openly cross into another soverign nation without being challenged as to their legal right to do so. This is a situation that has been allowed to fester by our incompetent U.S Government Officials for atleast 30 years. Most resonable people are only asking that those wishing to come here to "use the front door" Its about our LAWS not race.


Wow, unbelievable.... what next? I believe in border protection, but to this extreme? I agree we need to stop the drug violence overflow that is coming to El Paso, but this is not the solution, there has to be a better way. I do agree that this will open alot of harrassment by the police officers and there is enough of that!Please rethink this issue.... We don't want more problems in our city! God Bless everyone!

Why would anyone be opposed to answer a simple question? Any time we go to Juarez we are asked that same question and we gladly reply, what is the difference? So many undocumented live here and use up the system as far as SNAP/TANF and housing. People who actually need can't qualify because its not available. If you attend school they tell you that school is a "luxury" but "they" live care-free and they get all the benefits.

Honestly, I don't see the sense of signing the Arizona immigration law. However, I am not going to condemn the efforts Arizona is making, because although I hear numerous complaints in regards to the immigration bill I do not appear to be listening to any solutions to the problems.

I totally agree with you Albert2467.

The law in it's very nature diminishes the dignity of the human person and is unconstitutional. It will have serious adverse effects on our economy and our communities. It will rip families apart and destroy the futures of children who are US citizens and have undocumented immigrant parents.

I have read the law and understand it quite well. If you are interested in seeing the economic and social repercussions of a law like this in Virginia, Google "9500 Liberty".

No to Perez!

I'm challenging your understanding of the law.
Your claim that the babies of illegal immigrants are U.S. citizens is incorrect.
The founders of the Constitution had this very debate, and realized that the only way one could become a "natural born citizen" was to be born to a U.S. citizen.
Whether born here, or overseas, if one of your parents is a U.S. citizen, then so are you.
If neither are, you can't be, no matter what piece of soil you're on.
All criminals rip their families apart.

Hell yes to Perez. the illegals are costing us more than we can afford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need a bill like this in texas more than ever.with the riseing volence drug running ect.I got an call asking me to support to make all illegals legal and when i said tha i opposed the lady went off on me. what is that about? if you want to be in the usa do it the right way. for all of you crying about profileing and all that other BS you need to look at all the facts and all the money being spent on illegals and maybe then you will see different. Unless you are part of the problem

First, I understand your frustration, you should be treated with respect no matter what your opinion is. However, I don't agree. The term illegals should not be used. A person can do something illegal, but that doesn't make them illegal. Otherwise most of us are "illegals" for driving over the speed limit.
2nd your facts are incorrect. $ spent on undocumented immigrants is far less than what they put in. People aren't complaining about what they put into Social security, medicaid, or economy.

You're an idiot. If you want to call an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" then we should call drug traffickers "unlicensed pharmacists". We should all be willing to show proof of our citizenship. Don't you understand that it's about national security and not about how your little feelings will be hurt. I'm fully chicano and I have no problem with being asked for proof of my citizenship.

Bassman, how old are you? have you lived anywhere other than El Paso where 78% of the population didn't share your complexion? It's not about getting your feelings hurt, it is about respecting the dignity of the human person. It's not a black and white issue, and this law is a bandaid to a more complex problem. Why support a that is unconstitutional itself? It's not only undocumented immigrants that oppose the bill, if people could see outside their ethnicity, perhaps they could see the problem

What is so unconstitutional about it, do you actually know what is in the constitution, that law is not unconstitutional, no where is it state anything about undocumented immigrants, besides you have to show an ID card ie, drivers license or any other state or government type proof of ID to get your registration and if you get a ticket by a law enforcment officer, so if you have somthing to hide then you worry but if not then you do not right and by the way I am a Mexican American proud of my it

Perez,you are so hippocritical,I remember when you used to be a democrat and pro Chicano,well
you became another "vendido" and are trying to run for County Judge. How do expect people to believe you now.You dumb ass you just voted yourself out.I can't believe that someone that looks like a member of an azteca gang,like you,
would want to be racially profiled.Keep on opening your big mouth and inserting your foot just to impress yourself and see where you'll wind up.

I think that is a threat and the cops should come and visit you Mr. Alex. I think I will turn you message over to them right now. I hope your a legal citizen.

ummm........one should be careful of making accusations and please watch your language. There are many opinions for all here. Perhaps you can explain how you would begin to solve the immigration problem. It seems no matter what idea is brung up, everyone is fast to shoot it down and than complain that our neighborhood is becoming violent and the border needs to be protected. Hello people......can someone come up with a solution considering you have so many better ideas that as yet to be heard???

I don't see what all the fuss is about unless of course you're the illegal immigrant or protecting an illegal immigrant. Otherwise who cares if you have to carry you green card or ID to identify yourself, I know I don't, besides its already a federal law that one must carry identification, its just rarely inforced. The only ones with a problem with this are attention seekers and/or are or protecting illegal immigrants. Perhaps we should be looking at those one protesting this.

um how can he say that it wouldn't be offensive to be asked for your id to show citizenship? Just because I'm brown I have to prove I'm a Born U.S. Citizen??? This wont fix anything. I agree with that this will open the door for racial profiling... kinda like being pulled over for "driving while black".

In AZ they just have to look on the street corners where the illegals wait for jobs for the day. I know I lived there. You Have to be doing something wrong like speeding, driving drunk, running in a gang, I am Cherokee and Delaware Indian so people say I look Mexican I always carry my ID with me and I don't mind showing it to them. If you have something to hide then you don't like bill like the one in AZ.

Right now in Venezuela, Iran has an army. Chavez and Ahmadinejad have buddied up and they are bringing in all sorts of arms, missles, and equipment. It is about a 5 day drive up through Mexico if they want to hit our country through the border. Do I want that profiled? You betcha! Do an Internet search on that - they are within missle range going over Cuba to hit Florida. Border control is not just for illegals, but is certainly should include them.

I support this law for Texas. If you read the Arizona law 1070, it requires probable cause and established police procedures. Please search for it on the Internet and read it before you accept what others may tell you. It makes E-Verify mandatory for employers. It is very much like the federal law already in force except the feds are looking the other way per Napolitano. We need to discourage line jumpers and support those who wish to come her legally.

Thank you for reading it more people need too. But, the problem is people are not reading the bill they are just making up stuff or they can't read I don't know. Other states need to jump on board and pass these laws. The rapes, murders, drunk driving, freebes, increasing cost of illegals has to STOP and STOP now through the states. I was in AZ when Napolitano was there and I am sorry she is was terrible at her job!!!

They think this will put pressure on the Federal Government to fix a broken system, they are in for a surprise.....it will break more systems by brining in that bill.

i say that because judging by your picture you are bald, your hispanic, you look like an old gangster so you must be illegal. you dumb axx coconut are just tyring to piggyback on this bill that is pushed by racism and hopefully the people of el paso have enough since not vote you in.

Hopefully they will start with you perez, you stupid coconut. Showing id is not a problem when you have done something that requires it. showing id because of how you look will only open the door to harassment. how can you tell if someone is illegal, in my opinion you can't. lets have people start wearing a star or something like they did back in hitler germany and lets start with you perez.

Albert do you know how to read do you have an education? Ok please read the bill 1070 they are not just going to pull you over because you are what ever color they have to have probable cause. How to tell if they are illegal well in Meza they stand on the corner waiting for jobs and when they see the cops coming they scatter like mice so that would be a sign, body language mostly and cops are taught to watch that. But you really need to understand it is illegal to sneak in to America!!!!


that is another threat on Mr. Perez maybe the cops need to come see you too for threatening someone hmmm. Violence never solved anything.

Another idiot who can so easily trace his ancestry back to England, amazing! Is he going to have a state license plate that says "JUDGE" on it? Because he looks like about any 'wetback' I've ever seen!

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