TX Congressman: No Spillover in Fort Hancock

TX Congressman: No Spillover in Fort Hancock

POSTED: Friday, April 9, 2010 - 2:57pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 9:35pm

FORT HANCOCK, TX - The fear of spill over violence in Fort Hancock is getting the attention of a Texas Congressman. Representative Ciro Rodriguez met with the community to address the concern Friday morning, and he admitted it's easy to get across the border. However, he said the worries are over violence that has been occurring in Mexico.

"It's the result of what's occuring on the other side, not what's necessarily happening here," he said.

The Congressman says he will ask for more money for Fort Hancock and other border areas, and better accountability on what's being spent to fight border violence. As for the concern of spillover, Rodriguez says it's not happening, and the Border Patrol agrees.

"The fear of the violence is always there, but we've been very, very effective in preventing that violence from spilling over into the United States," Border Patrol Supervisor Ramiro Cordero said.

We're told the number of illegal immigrants caught in the U.S. is down 105,000 people in three years. Cordero says that number is proof Fort Hancock, and other border cities are being kept safe.

"We've shown a decrease, that only tells us that we've been effective. Sure we're concerned with the violence in Juarez, of course we are. The threat is there, but the threat is anywhere," he said.

The issue will be addressed again later this month.

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If "the threat is anywhere", then the threat is in Ft. Hancock. He is listening to too much NPR. Catching less illegals is not proof that they are doing their job. Just because they aren't caught doesn't mean they aren't here so no Mr. Cordero is doesn't mean that you have been effective.

With the gulf full of crude oil killing all the animals, and the Rio Grande full of illegal alians, why not ship all the alligators to the Rio Grand river. The alligators will have plenty to eat and there won't be any more illeagle allians. After all, the gators are American citizens.

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