Two more planes with undocumented immigrants land in El Paso


POSTED: Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 9:22pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 9:35pm

Two more planes from south Texas carrying more undocumented immigrants landed in El Paso.

The group of 250 is now being processed by federal agents then they will be released.

Local organizations have been helping them with housing and legal aid because many of the people arrive with absolutely nothing.

 "For many of them, they are trying not to die," said Ruben Garcia, executive director of Annunciation House.

The group has been helping the immigrant families with food and shelter while in El Paso.

"These are all family units," he said.

On Saturday, for the first time, Garcia gave News Channel 9 a look inside where they are staying
Annunciation House has set up cots and has started to collect supplies for this new batch of families as they come in and try and find safety in the U.S.

"These people come from very poor neighborhoods,” Garcia said. “They are the most violent, they are the most difficult to be able to protect yourself."

Like the last group, Border Patrol officials say most of the immigrants are from Central America and entered the U.S. through South Texas.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said the Rio Grande Valley does not have enough resources to handle the surge of immigrants.

That's why many have ended up in the Sun City, though not for long.

Garcia said everyone from last week's group has already left El Paso.

"Many of them, perhaps as much as 50%, make travel plans. They contact family, they get a bus tickets, and they move on the very same day," he said.

But for those who have no choice but to stay until they can make arrangements to leave, this is home.

"They are trying to arrive someplace where they hope that they might be able to stay and be protected," Garcia said.

He also explained there are over 100 children under the age of ten in this group, something he is concerned about.

Annunciation House is taking donations, but they ask you call them at (915) 545-4509 first to see what is needed.

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