Two Children Thrown Out Of SUV


POSTED: Saturday, April 23, 2011 - 8:21pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 3:38pm

EL PASO - It appears a Saturday afternoon trip to the park turned into a very bad accident for one Northeast El Paso family.

Police say the driver of a red Neon was speeding down the 8800 block of Railroad when he slammed into the back of a green SUV. The red neon went spinning, and then hit a grey car.

The woman in the grey car was not hurt, but it's a much different story for the people in the green SUV. A woman and four children, all under the age of 10 and possibly as young as 12 months old, were inside. They were turning left into Nations Tobin Park when the car hit them, and police say the impact threw two of the kids out of the SUV.

Emergency crews rushed all four kids and the woman to the hospital. Luckily, police expect them to be okay.

El Paso Police Spokesman Darrel Petry says the driver that likely caused the crash was also sent to the hospital, and he says investigators have a lot of questions for him.

"We don't know what his intent was, what the speed was. We just don't know at this point. The investigation just has to unfold," Petry said.

That investigation will determine what charges the driver is facing.

"He could be charged from an accident causing citation to another causing injury, but he remained at the scene. So, we'll have to wait for the investigation to unfold," he said.

Police have not released the names of anyone involved in the accident.

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I wish both families nothing but the best, and to both drivers, this is a lesson learned for both of you. I pray for a speedy recovery for both families, especially those children. People say, "charge the mother", but haven't these kids suffered enough. Look it at how you want, he was speeding. Insurance companys will always say if you rear end someone, youre at fault. And for the person that said there wasnt a van, there was. He was racing that van. Theres no denying the visuals. Luv 4 all

And no one is judging this young man for his car, admit it, he was speeding... If you live in the n.e, you have seen this car speeding. That day he was speeding all of our family members saw him. I've contacted people who know both familys, and I'm glad everyones doing fine. The 2 young ladies ejected are doing well, and one of the children restrained in the suv did suffer broken bones, should the mother be charged for his broken bones too? And only 2 kids were not restrained, so why 4 charges??

For everyone posting up ridiculous opinions, I was witness to this accident, the woman was doing nothing wrong. From what I remember, all she did was try to attend to get children out of her vehicle and get them safe. She kept asking if the gentleman was fine. Yes, we've all at one point or another have fallen guilty to unrestrained individuals in a vehicle. Who are we to judge her. This wouldve never happened if this young man hag maintained his speed...

Hope YOUR TESTIMONY comes through when needed!!

Most of the NEGATIVE COMMENTS obviously are coming from the kids family,they just DONT REALIZE that too many people have seen this kid speeding in that car too much and UNFORTUNATELY its come to a STOP but him doing that NOT ONLY HURT HIM BAD BUT INNOCENT KIDS!!!!!!!

i have a question for everyone saying the mom should b charged: are you perfect??? do u do everything EXACTLY the way ur supposed to??? i highly doubt it!!! so get off ur high horses and stop bein so judgemental. its obvious the guy driving the neon was speeding regardless of being hit by another vehicle. LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!!! i happen to kno the woman in the truck and she is a da*n good mom who would do anything for her kids and their well being. this whole situation is called an ACCIDENT!!!!

i have a question for all you'll why do people think that your speeding just because u like to have nice rims a muffler or have stickers on your car? because people say that the red neon was speeding because of all that but u cant judge the person by the way you like to have your car. right away people say ur speeding its more the noise the car makes.

What you should do is LOOK at the DAMAGE this IDIOT CAUSED and THAT ALONE SHOULD SAY HE WAS SPEEDING!!!!!!!

Just like the people in the SUV have family members tha guy in the red neon has family too nd really if it was gunna happen nobody could have done anything about it. Thank GOD that the worse that could have happened DIDNT happen and were not to blame anyone. I dont see y dey dnt want to pay attention to the fact dat there was a van that sent the red car outof control. I dont see y dey keep blaming the guy in the red car for those kids flying out if its not his fault the mom ddnt havem incarseats

Unless You were there you would know what REALLY HAPPENED so REGARDLESS of that it will all come clean because THERE WERE PLENTY OF WITNESSES,and its NOT the first time this KID was seen SPEEDING around NORTHEAST!!!!!!!

just like the people in the SUV has family members the guy in the red superman neon has family too. we hope the kids are better but really nobody had control of what happened... The guy in the neon wsnt speeding yet people that have no idea what happened seem to think otherwise... the worse that could have happened DIDN'T happen and we should all be greatful of that...

Listen it DOESNT take a GENIOUS to know that THIS IDIOT was SPEEDING and or RACING!!!!Did you NOT see the DAMAGE ALONE to his car??? What do YOU think COPS think by the looks of that alone??? D U H!!!!!!

The woman should be charged with child endangerment if she didn't have the children in the proper car seats and buckled up, otherwise these kids would not have been thrown from the SUV. Freak accidents happen when someone cuts you off and in avoiding getting hit you lose control and unfortunately hit someone else. I pray for the welfare of everyone involved, especially the children. Railroad is a dangerous road, people go way over the 55MPH and some surve in and out of traffic.

Well the one thats gonna be charged is the one that CAUSED the ACCIDENT and RIGHTFULLY SO,and yes THANK GOD no one PASSED because he would go to PRISON!!!!!

The woman with the 4 kids needs to be charged also. 4 accounts and needs to be sent to school and showed many videos of what could happen to people with out seatbelts on.

And the kid should get his license REVOKED,He should know SUPERMAN is not real and trying to make him FLY through his car is as D U M B as you can get...well SUPERMAN NOT FLYING ANYMORE!!!

Her being charged really? Beinig sent to school? I think this is a little harsh dont you think... why should she be blame for the stupidity of another persons actions.. She a great mother and would do anything for her kids! The people in the SUV are my family... so unless your a cop and investigating the accident i suggest you should keep your opinions to yourself...

Finally SOMEONE in their right state of mind,forgive these people THEY MUST BE his family just how it sounds FROM THEM trying to make GOOD out of HIS STUPIDITY and hopefully EVERYONE in YOUR FAMILY is DOING GOOD,GOD BLESS THEM!!!!

i was at the scene and the people from the green truck were saying that a van hit the red neon and he lost control of the car. Now there changing there story I think they should just say the truth because he never meant to hurt no one. Its not all his fault the kids were not properly restrain. So just say the truth and he was not speeding. Im a mother wat if it was your son c it both ways.

just because kids were not properly restrained does not make it this moms fault either!!! HER VEHICLE WAS HIT, SHE DIDNT HIT ANYONE!!! believe me shes dealing with her own heartache from this but theres no way u can take the blame off the person who hit her!!!

Hey sylmarki05814 GET your COMMENTS at least so you DONT look like you BELONG to this IDIOTS FAMILY,YOU WERE NO WITNESS BELIEVE ME YOU WOULDNT BE SAYING THAT!!!!!!

Listen you gotta be from his family because NOBODY in that truck was talking,THEY WERE TOO HURT to talk especially in a state of shock...funny how people wanna make things right but if it were the opposite you would make sure to do the SAME!!!!!REMEMBER....WITNESSES!!!!!

It is a law in Texas that everyone, child or adult, in a vehicle be wearing a seat belt, EVEN in the back seats.

Im very sorry to what happen to the children involded in the accident they say that the car was speeding but in fact he wasnt just that apparently a van hit the neon and thats when he lost control of the car. Apparently the van flew the scene but police say that the van was never involded when witness say that it was a hit and run from the van.I wish all the people in the truck get better. And may the guy on the red neon get better.

Hey....D U M B!!!!!

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