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Truckers May be Banned from Using Cell Phones


POSTED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 7:20pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 30, 2011 - 8:08am

Truckers may be banned from using cell phones on the job completely.

One driver tells NewsChannel 9 that a decision made by the National Transportation Safety Board could make roads more dangerous.

In this day and age cell phones have almost become a necessity for drivers.

"Helps you keep your mind occupied a little bit because the road gets kind of boring, there's nothing around you, nothing behind you, next to you, for hundreds of miles, it's pitch black, it's dark," McDonald said.

But, if the road is your job truck driver Howard McDonald says no phone could mean more wrecks.

"If they ban from using it in the truck, it's going to be a bad thing there might be more wrecks, more fatalities on the road," McDonald said.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommends states ban the use of cell phones by commercial truck drivers.

But, McDonald says his phone keeps him safe and alert.

"I think it would be a bad idea. Typically because guys need to stay awake, they need to contact their families. It's a tool we use in more than one way. We need it for our safety."

The recommendation includes banning the use of hands-free devices, something McDonald says he uses to stay safe and connected to those who matter most.

"We're up when everybody else is sleeping, we're driving when everybody is home nestled in their beds so, we need our phones. We need our phones we need to speak to our families, we're gone for weeks," McDonald said.

Chances are the cell phone ban will be adopted.

82% of the recommendations posted by the NTSB become laws.

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I think that anything that distracts workers from their job decreases their efficiency. Workers should always have their minds on the job they are paid to do. Any electronic device that distracts them is wrong. I know that the John Deere Shop Foreman in Rugby, North
Dakota requires his 35 mechanic to leave their cell phones at home.
He swears that production has increased 40 per cent. I think there should be a National Ban on the use of cell phones on the job. Wake up, America!

Nanny insanity . Better outlaw CB at the same time . They've missed that for 30 years .

8 out of 10 cars their drivers are either txtng or using their cellphone without a handsfree device, they cause more accidents and there are a few who are responsible enough to at least use a handsfree a truckdriver and I depend on a cellphone to stay in contact with my family,to report a breakdown,to stay updated with weather conditions and road conditions,not to mention my dispatcher,clients,directions.a lot of people dont understand that the job we do is what is keeping our economy

They tell us where to drive when to drive when to sleep,they give us surprised inspections,they tell us to pee in the cup,cars cut us off all the time,90% of the time when a car causes an accident involving an 18 wheeler, the truck driver gets cited because according to the state patrol we are professionals and we should be able to avoid accidents.we should stop trucks for 3 days.

I can't believe the ntsb would be so unaware that they would put a stupid law like this in effect. Don't they understand what a cell phone means to a driver? It's a tool. It is used to communicate with customers,their dispatch and family. They are also used to report accidents and other hazards on the roadway. I haven't heard a reason for this action other than someones ignorance. Just put yourself in a drivers position see if you could do without a phone in you car let alone in a otr truck

Almost had a head on collision with a trucker on his cellphone in Anthony, TX.

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