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Truck Drivers may be Banned from using Cell Phones

Truck Drivers may be Banned from using Cell Phones

POSTED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 9:14am

UPDATED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 12:12pm

Driving while talking on your cell phone is illegal within El Paso city limits, now the National Transportation Safety Board may ban cell phone use for truckers nationwide.

The NTSB is recommending that states ban the use of cell phones by commercial truck drivers.

Today NewsChannel 9 will talk to the drivers to find out what their feelings are on the issue.

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driving through the city you should never be on a cell phone truck driver or not. its distracting and dangerous. hands free units do not work since people concentrate on phone calls on not on driving. using your cell phone for brief moments in the open road should be ok in short amounts of time but not while driving through cities or city street for any driver.

Rather than to start tagging truck drivers El paso needs to crack down on all of the text and cell users while driving. Truck drivers should be targeted just like the rest of the irresponsible cell phone and text users. Every morning and evening as I drive to work and home at least every fifth vehicle is on the cell phone or texting. Get it together El Paso.

I have an idea that I need to put out there. Everywhere I turn in El Paso people are on their cell phones while driving, causing huge traffic jams during rush hour due to driver delays when the light turns green, usually because they are texting and have little regard for the other guy. Anyway, OnStar can track a car and even turn the engine off. Why can't the same been done to cell phones. Track the phone and if it is moving and in use, shut the phone off. A tech program could monitor this

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