Helping Out a Man in Need

We first told you about Christian Arzaga in a Troubleshooters report. He claims he hasn't received two paychecks from his former employer, and as a result, his furniture was repossessed and his home was foreclosed.

Renter's House Foreclosed On

You've probably heard of people who are trying to get a house through a rent-to-own deal. One man says he had one of those deals and was only two months away from buying when the house he was in was foreclosed on.

Troubleshooters Investigates Contractor Controversy

Fernando Pacheco owner of Tri State General Contractors was hired in August to do some work on district clerk, Gilbert Sanchez' home, both inside and out.

Snappy Auctions Closed

An El Paso woman says she went to en EBay store, Snappy Auctions, to get help selling her stuff. But now the store is closed and she says she can't get her property back.

Check Scam

It came via mail, a sweepstakes check, promising big bucks to Ana Oropeza. Ana says the check looks "so much" like the real thing.

Northeast Hired Fuenco Contractors

Our Trouble Shooter team is looking in to another complaint against Fuenco Contractors by a homeowner in Northeast El Paso. Linda Acosta says she hired Fuenco Contractors to do a $118,000 addition to her home.

Home Left Unfinished

Our troubleshooters team gets results for a homeowner who says a contractor bailed on a job.

Car Went Missing

When you take your car to get fixed you trust it's in good hands. But one man says he took his car to get a new engine and never got it back.

Mobile Home Falling Apart

CHAPARRAL, N.M.--- On the outside, Max Harmon Jr.'s mobile home looks brand new, but on the inside, things have been falling apart. His fireplace door, just won't close. His toilet won't flush right.

Moldy Home

An El Paso couple says their mold infested apartment is making life miserable and they want something done about it. They call their living conditions down right dangerous. We went to their home to see for ourselves.