Troubleshooters Wants Your Help

Troubleshooters is looking for victims of illegal dumping in El Paso County.  If you or someone you know has had problems with people trashing property, please email me at

An Eastside Dump

East El Paso- Denise Moran owns this plot of land in East El Paso, but nothing on it.  That's because it's all trash, dumped and left behind by others.  There's desks, cans, and a car among other things.

Broken Window Troubleshooters Update

An update to a Troubleshooters report we showed you last night. You may remember a man who was having trouble with a new window he had installed that would not lock.

Remodeling Dispute Update

EL PASO - An update on a Trouble Shooters case we opened last month.

Remodeling Dispute

EL PASO, TX - A woman says she paid more than $40,000.00 dollars to a man to remodel her house, but the work hasn't been finished and she says what has been done is shoddy.

Troubleshooters Update: ASAP Roofing Has Yet To Fix Man's Roof

We have an update now to a Troubleshooter case we opened last month. An El Paso man said he paid thousand of dollars to ASAP roofing on Pellicano Drive to fix his roof several months ago, but the work hadn't been done.

Troubleshooters Targets Auto Shop

Moraima Gameros' car was damaged in last year's hail storm. She took her car into F&L Body Shop for an estimate of the damage. After receiving a check from her insurance company for $4,367, she went to the shop and signed the check.

Waiting on Roof Work

EL PASO, TX - The company's name may be ASAP Roofing, LLC, but Pedro Arriola says the company hasn't moved quick enough to fix his roof.

Neighbors: No One is Taking Responsibility for Abandoned House

EL PASO, TX - Neighbors say an abandoned house is falling apart and no one is taking responsibility.

Update: Money Paid, Rock Wall Not Built

EL PASO, TX - A man now has his $200 dollars back thanks to the News Channel 9 Troubleshooters. Tony Mendoza hired a contractor to build a rock wall, but he never did.

Money Paid, Rock Wall Not Built

EL PASO, TX - $200 dollars gone, a rock wall that was never built and a contractor that won't answer his phone. Those are details from the latest report investigated by the News Channel 9 Troubleshooters.

Windshield Trouble

Jesse Rodriguez got into a small car accident. His windshield was damaged, so last week he called Cuba Auto Glass, a local company to replace it. Mr.

Roofing Investigation Turns Up Complaints

Alisa Rocha-Ayala says she paid $3000 to Hartley Roofing but no one ever showed up to repair her roof. Sales person Doug Ruder stayed in communication with her and said that Hartley roofing had skipped town with the money.

Tenants Live Without Water Service

EL PASO--- Tenants at an east El Paso apartment complex say they've had enough of living without water service for 24 hours a week.

Woman Told to Pay back Child Support

SOCORRO--- The Office of the Attorney General says one Socorro woman owes them hundreds of dollars, but she says they actually owe her money.