Troubleshooters: Woman Wants Money Back from No-Show Repair Man

EL PASO – One woman has reached out to our Troubleshooters team for help. She said she paid a man to fix her roof, but he never showed up to do the job, and she wants her money back. Tune in to KTSM tonight, for the full story.

Troubleshooters: El Pasoan's iPad Overheats, Can't Get Response From Apple

EL PASO - An El Paso man couldn't wait until he got his hands on the new iPad 2. Now he says his purchase became not only a headache, but a potential fire hazard.

Troubleshooters Update: Woman Facing Foreclosure Even Though She's Made Payments

EL PASO – We have an update to a troubleshooters story we've been reporting.

Troubleshooters: Woman May Lose Her Home But Says She's Made Her Payments

EL PASO – An El Paso woman is in a desperate situation tonight. She says she's been paying her mortgage to an escrow company, but they haven't been paying the bank. Now, she's in danger of losing her home.

Woman Unhappy With Work; Company Willing To Make Good

EL PASO - A woman says a contracting job on her home was poorly done and wants her money back. But the company says, they didn't know how unhappy she really was and want to make it right.

Troubleshooters: Woman with Critically Ill Husband Denied Request to Miss Jury Duty

EL PASO – Imagine being the sole caregiver of your critically ill spouse, on a very fixed budget, while trying to be excused from jury duty, only to be denied. That's the situation one El Paso woman finds herself in.

Troubleshooters: Paint Problems in West El Paso

The damage done to Howard Bowen's SUV isn't hard to miss. The SUV's exterior and windows are covered with tiny white specks of paint. It almost looks like Bowen has a glitter paint job.

El Paso Man Wants Justice After Dog Bite

EL PASO— An El Pasoan is only looking for what he believes is owed to him.

Roof Work Being Done

EL PASO - The Trouble Shooters have been on the case of a roofer, and tonight we're getting results.

Family Scared Out Of Their Home

EL PASO - If those power lines outside appear dangerously close to your home you've got company. A Northeast El Paso family is going through the same thing and they don't like it.

Sidewalk Problem Solved

EL PASO - The NewsChannel 9 Troubleshooters are getting results.

Restrictions Limit Car Exports From U.S. to Mexico

SANTA TERESA- Alberto Trillo ships cars to Mexico. He used to ship a lot. But new limits from Customs and Border Protection have cut his business by 75 percent.

Troubleshooters: A Roof Dispute

HORIZON CITY- When it rains, it leaks.  Ron Kelley's roof has been nothing but a nuisance since he bought his house five years ago.

TroubleShooters: Brake Masters Correction

We have a correction to a Troubleshooters story we first brought you earlier this month.

Homeowner Having Trouble With Housing Company

HORIZON CITY- One local man say his roof has been leaking for years, and he blames the company that built his home.