KTSM Looks Into Safety in El Paso

EL PASO - This week, Newschannel 9 has focused on safety, road rage, and identity theft.

Crime Prevention Week at KTSM

EL PASO - It's Crime Prevention Week here on Newschannel 9. Today, we're focusing on road rage; what is it? What do we do with aggressive drivers on the road?

NC9 Deception Prevention Week: Civil vs. Criminal

NC9 conducted a live interview with District Attorney Jaime Esparza, to assist you with deceptive trade practices.   Below is a Q&A of the interview.

NC9 Focuses on Preventing Scams

EL PASO - At Newschannel 9, we always get phone calls from viewers who say say somebody's scammed them, or separated them from their money.

NC9 Deception Prevention Week: Real Estate Transactions

At KTSM, we often get phone calls from people claiming to have been scammed by someone, or a business.

NC9 Focuses on Preventing Scams

EL PASO – At KTSM, we often get phone calls from people claiming to have been scammed by someone, or a business.

NC9 Deception Prevention Week: Builders and Landscapers

Through the week of May 14- 18, NewsChannel 9 will interview public officials that may provide advice on the issue of deceptive business practices.  Below is a transcript of Monday's interview with JoAnne Bernal 

Roomstore Helps Frustrated Customer

EL PASO - The trouble between a Westway woman and a West El Paso furniture store is resolved.

Bankrupt Store Leaves Customer In Tears

EL PASO - A woman bought furniture from a popular store in West El Paso, and she even paid for the extra warranty. When she tried to use that warranty, she was left with no new furniture and a bill that nearly doubled.

Man Living Under Leaky Roof To Keep Paying Daughter's Tuition

EL PASO - Parents make sacrifices to pay for their child's education, but for one man that means living in bad conditions. The roof in his apartment is caving in, and his landlord can't seem to get it fixed. Now he's sticking it out to pay for his daughters tuition.

El Paso Homeowner Fights Bank of America

EL PASO – One El Paso homeowner refuses to go down without a fight. Back in May, we told you about a woman who is going up against Bank of America. She said the bank told her she'd qualify for a home loan modification; but almost two years into the process, the bank denied her request. Now, she's fighting to keep the roof over her head.

Tracking Down An Out-Of-State Contractor

EL PASO - An out-of-state contractor seems to be avoiding us.

TroubleShooters Investigates Non-Payment Allegations

EL PASO - A few weeks ago, one company claimed an out-of-state contractor never paid them $28,000.00. Now, another company says the same contractor owes them $15,000.00.

Troubleshooters Investigates: Cremation Contract, Day 2

EL PASO - Tonight we continue looking into funeral services sold to an elderly couple who passed away. Family members say the couple thought they paid a local cemetery to be cremated, but the cemetery says that's not the case.

Troubleshooters: Cremation Contract

EL PASO - Tonight troubleshooters investigates funeral services sold to an elderly couple. Both of them passed away, and now their family says a local cemetery isn't honoring their contract.