Woman Unhappy With Work; Company Willing To Make Good


POSTED: Monday, March 21, 2011 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 1, 2011 - 7:29am

EL PASO - A woman says a contracting job on her home was poorly done and wants her money back. But the company says, they didn't know how unhappy she really was and want to make it right.

Martha Carrillo had Top Notch Exteriors come in and do some repairs on her home in September of 2009.

"The shed painted outside, install new gutters, and install a new carport," Carrillo said of some of the jobs they requested.

But she says she soon felt like she wasn't getting what she paid for.

"The job wasn't really what we expected, professionally, and neat."

She paid $7,500 for it up front, with another $7,500 to be paid after the job was done. That estimate includes a plan to build a carport, something the company says couldn't be done because the city wouldn't issue a permit for it.

But she says the work that was done wasn't done right.

"Cracked paint, the paint is on the window, it's peeling," she said, describing some of the work she's not satisfied with.

Now Carrillo wants that estimate readjusted - and her money back.

"He wasn't honest with us," she said of the owner. She also said she wanted her aluminum gutters replaced, and they were - but with vinyl.

The owner of Top Notch, Albert Ordunez, said the contract never specified what material the new gutters would be.

Carrillo even went to small claims court to try and get this resolved.

"We were awarded the $7,500," she said. But there's a problem; an employee who no longer works for the company is listed in the court documents.

Ordunez says that employee is his brother, and he had no idea he had been taken to court. Now, Ordunez says he wants to negotiate a refund, and make the necessary repairs.

Carrillo just hopes he makes good on the company's original promise.

"That they would do a confident and neat job, and we were confident with that," she said. She said she's also willing to negotiate.

We'll let you know what happens.


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Top notch Exterior worked on my roof in 2008. The second time it rained the roof leaked. I called the company and they came out and worked on my roof a 2nd and 3RD time. It continues to leak until this day.My roof was never repaird. They stated they had done all they could. I now need a new roof on that room that Top notch failed to repair. My insurance is going to drop me. I can no longer claim that area and the damage continues to get worse. I cannot afford to pay for a new roof out of pocket.

Was This company or brothers Bonded for their work? What kind of contract was signed? Who was the contract manager? Sounds like typical you help me I'll help you.

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