Woman Told to Pay back Child Support


POSTED: Friday, February 19, 2010 - 5:23pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 14, 2010 - 9:02am

SOCORRO--- The Office of the Attorney General says one Socorro woman owes them hundreds of dollars, but she says they actually owe her money.

Elisa Benitez raises her one-year-old son at her mobile home while going to school full-time.
She and her ex-husband both agreed to hire the Texas Attorney General's office to work out their child support payments.
"We got into this because we thought it was going to make it easier, and instead it just made it way more complicated," she said.

Benitez received a letter in the mail saying the OAG overpaid her more than $500 over the past year, and now they want that money back.

"And they say if I don't pay within 30 days, they're going to start cutting my checks in half," said Benitez.

Benitez says she has bank statements that prove otherwise.

"My bank statements showed that I wasn't receiving the money they said they were sending me. They said they were sending me a 100 dollars, my bank only received 30," said Benitez.

We looked at her documentation, and it all matched up.
In fact, Benitez says her statements show another thing: the OAG actually owes her money.

After she stopped receiving Medicaid services for her son in October, the OAG continued to take the money out from her payments.

She says they've kept $180 that's not theirs.

We called the OAG and talked to them about Benitez' situation.
"Her case was not properly coded...We'll look into why it happened. We will review that documentation and make sure that everything is correct," said spokeswoman Janece Rolfe.

Yet after Elisa said she's received the run-around for weeks, she was ready to just quit the service.

"And I asked them, 'what's the only way I can get rid of the service?' And they told me that I'd have to get back with him(ex-husband), be living with him for six months, and it would go away."

And she says that's no option.

Benitez will find out in the next two weeks if she'll have to pay the child support cash back, hoping to find a little support for herself. 

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dude- why do you get all offensive?-- im on your side- im just saying the things the way they are--- like i said I USED TO WORK with OAG--- i dont agree with the way things are handled there and I did speak up- but no one cares-- believe me if you write a letter to your REPS. and send a copy to OAG- you will get a call ASAP-- just do it and you'll see. When was I rude? people like you are the problem -- you run into conclusions! Like I said- dont expect to have the agencies bend backw

"sickoftheus"- you need to learn to read-1st of all i used to work for OAG-i know how the water runs-i did get paid with tax money but i also pay taxes so "same difference"--- i dont agree with the way OAG works but its better than nothing for "free"--most of the people who receive child support dont work or even pay taxes so they should not expect the "best"-there are private Child Support companies that do a great job but do charge a fee- like i said "you get what u pay for!! dumd***!!!"

Contact your local Political Reps. (State, Local and Federal- what i mean about contact is WRITE letters and send copy to all and OAG office you may have a problem with- better yet send it to Austin OAG-you will get a response from OAG if you request one-do it and you will see...please prove me wrong- i dare you.

I am currently working with one of the local senators in trying to get my OAG issues resolved. One of the local senators I contacted about my issue did contact the local OAG and spoke to regional managers (Arlington and Dallas) but they backed down to manager in the office where my case is.I don't understand it. Who is the Texas Attorney General's Office accountable to? I have tried writing letters to the office in Austin and I have not received a letter nor phone call.

"AlFromElChuco" is a perfect example of the type of attitude and service you will get. You get what you pay for...services are free? So are you saying you don't get a paycheck for working for OAG? Where do you think your paychecks come from? All agencies have issues... when you were employed there what exactly did YOU do to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Contacting politicians is nothing than a waste time, I have already tried that. Legal aids are as rude and obnoxious as you are

I know how messed up this system can be . I am part of a interstate case and owed some back child support the case is from Oklahoma but both Texas and oklahoma took my child support even though Oklahoma is supposed to be the only one taking it. Everytime I try to call OAG I get a diffrent answer all of which are not in my favor and wait to see what happens as of right now OAG owe's me $2000

Woman should have known. This is bad for women who need the money for their families since she ruins it for them for her mistake.

This Attorney general is just a disgrace, how can he still be in office. Where is the modo that says" And Justice for all" or justice for them?

The Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is in the business of obtaining federal kickbvack dollars for every one he extracts from people. He treats NCP's like cattle. Almost everyone has a story about Ole Greg. Mine: He imposed fees for which he refuses to even explain himself for attaching to my obligation. He has routinely invaded my bank account right before a bak holiday and refuses to discuss or consult with me over what he has done.

This isnt the first time this has happened. There files are a mess and have had them for many years in boxes with papers gushing out. I know this because I worked for the Moving Agency that helped move the OAG. They were giving me a similar run around about important documentation that my ex-wife and mother in law stated under oath they never received. Three years later they were found after the fact of receiving arears piled up. Plus ended up paying back pay to the state for her 3 other kids.

MG Martinez,
This is Adrienne Alvarez, anchor/reporter for NC9. Feel free to e-mail me at aalvarez@ktsm.com, as I would be interested to hear more about your experience with the OAG.

Contact your local Political Reps. (State, Local and Federal- what i mean about contact is WRITE letters and send copy to all and OAG office you may have a problem with- better yet send it to Austin OAG-you will get a response from OAG if you request one-do it and you will see...please prove me wrong- i dare you.

first of all i used to work for oag.i goin to point out some facts with havin oag handle child support payments for both custodial and noncustodial parents.the facts are:1)services are free.no one pays out of pocket fees.so in return u get what u pay for.all agencies have issues therefore dont expect perfection.if any problems contact politicians representing areas you live in. legal aid is available but also free and dont expect them to bend over bacwards for u. 2)oag handles hundred thousands

leave it to a government employee to say you get what you pay for. regardless if the service is free or not employees are getting PAID to do a job. Perhaps if you and the other OAG employees (with the exception of a few) would do your job, and actually take pride in it we wouldn't have some of the situations that people face today. The main problem is that most of the employees are not educated in the entity they work for and are to lazy to help clients find a solution.

Unfortunately thats the way the water runs in government. That's why I DONT WORK THERE ANYMORE. Now i concentrate more on taking care of my own s**t and vote for politicians who may do something about it... but it's a long shot.

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