Windshield Trouble


POSTED: Friday, March 26, 2010 - 2:26pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 8:45pm

Jesse Rodriguez got into a small car accident. His windshield was damaged, so last week he called Cuba Auto Glass, a local company to replace it. Mr. Rodriguez says, "they installed it in about an hour and a half and left."At first inspection, Rodriguez says the windshield looked fine, so he paid them the fee of $119.
But then he says, within half an hour, he came out to check on the windshield and found a small crack, but before he knew it, that crack had spread across the windshield.
Mr. Rodriguez says he called the company immediately and they told him they would be back that same day to fix it, but that did not happen.Rodriguez says all he wants is to have the windshield replaced or his money back, but he keeps getting the runaround.

We spoke to the owner of Cuba Auto Glass. He tells us the reason they haven't sent one of their mobile installation units back out to Mr. Rodriguez' home is because the employee that used to do that work is no longer there. The owner says he is willing to replace the windshield immediately if Mr. Rodriguez drives out to the business location, but for Rodriguez that is not an option. He has no insurance or a sticker on the car, and does not plan on getting either until the car is fixed. The owner says once he hires someone for his mobile installation unit, he will send them to fix Rodriguez' windshield.

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Check the glass company out for other hidden problems like air noise or worse yet a windshield that leaks.

Cheep price means Cheep service, quality Etc. I'm in the idustry. You should get AGRSS certified shops only to do your work.

And make sure you get Original Equipment Glass!!

When you go for the cheepest price that is a risk you take. I have used Novus autoglass and they have allways offered a top quality glass a fair price and fast friendly professional service. They can also do long crack repairs saving the glass, saving the landfill, saving the factory seal and saving you money! Check out NOVUS at or call NOVUS 1 800 776 6887

With all due respect, cheapest may be the worst choice, but not allways.
You should take advantage and get paid for your advertising for the benefit of Novus. BTW: Novus IS a good choice !
Daniel, Romania

Crap happens, people quit. But that is no reason for the "runaround". They should have at least let him know what was going on to begin with. The customer shouldn't have had to have to go the media to get it fixed. But by the article its hard to tell who really was causing the trouble.

Obviously, Mr. Rodriguez is in a predicament with no registration or safety sticker...He legally cannot drive that vehicle without proper documentation and risk a high penalty....My suggestion is that he have someone take him to the Tax Assessors Office to get a 30day temp registration so that he may drive the car to wherever and whatever is needed to get his vehicle fixed.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. I have always used Speedy Glass and they have been in business for a long time. They even have a new refer a friend program that you can make a bit of money on. Check them out at www. and you won't be have any of the issues mentioned in this article.

the owner of cuba auto glass should be reported to bbb and also to police for false services. there is no reason for the customer to have to wait until the owner finds a new employee, he was already paid for the services. that shows the owner does'nt care for his customers. why can't he go and repair it himself being the owner of the bussiness.

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