Troubleshooters Update: Time Warner Cables Trouble Local Man


POSTED: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 8:24pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 11:49am

EL PASO - Our Troubleshooters team scores again.

Earl Kimmel complained that Time Warner workers left loose cables out in the street for the last month. Kimmel got nowhere with the company, so he called our Troubleshooters. Right after our report aired, Time Warner cleaned up the mess.

The company said it was fixing an underground cable a month ago, and left the wire on the street so customers could still have service.

Newschannel 9 is happy to report that the wires are now hidden, and the case is closed.

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I am glad that people voice their complaints.timewarner subcontract people to do their service with out supervision.I finaly cancel basic cable and left me with out internet and after calling several times to repiar it they give me a day at their convience.I have to say that customers satisfaction is that thier gol is just taking our money.

Once again, Time Warner inconveniences their customers! Cable left exposed is
a hazard. Their sloppy work speaks for itself!! Common Sense!! Fix it right
the first time... They wonder why several customers are switching over to their


Time Warner has the worst customer service and accountability. They leave the customer without services for even a week at a time regardless if you live off your home business. And when they do come out, they give you an all-day appointment which is very inconvenient. It's just not right that our government allows such businesses to run the way they do.

Time Warner getting complaints AGAIN? What else is new. Their lack of customer service and ethics dont surprise me. I have written a letter to the attorney general in regards to their policies, where they will not disconnect your services if you are past due on the acct. they just keep adding the regular charges on a monthly basis. Business that take advantage of people should just be stripped of their licenses.

LEFT THE WIRES ON THE STREET SO THE CUSTOMERS COULD HAVE SERVICE. A waiter told me that about my dinner one night, I GOT THE HINT. Do you get it??

It just demonstrates the lack of customer service and accountability of Large corporations. Not until the problem is made public does this company take action. Time Warner has and recieves enough funds from this region so maybe they need to manage and supervise their crews and projects a little closer. The customers deserve it.

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