Troubleshooters Update: El Paso Woman Suing Bank of America


POSTED: Monday, May 30, 2011 - 3:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 3:21pm

EL PASO - Earlier this month, we told you about an El Paso woman, who claims she was told by her bank, that she'd qualify for a home loan modification, but was still denied, years later.

That put Laura Marquez in a sticky situation. She said her bank recently told her that she had two choices: either pay them $14,000 or just sign over her home. However, Marquez is not letting that happen without a fight. Her lawyer, Richard Roman, has filed a lawsuit against Bank of America.

Marquez was put in this predicament, after she lost her job. She told us that despite that, she continued to make her mortgage payments, and was thus put in an unfair situation. Marquez said she'll do what she can, to stay in her home.

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Although it was you tax money that bailed these banks out...must be nice to get money from paul just to rob peter.

With the Mortgage situation the way it is right now, nothing is a guarantee. I'm constantly getting calls or offers through regular snail mail or the net. They point a sunny future. However, getting a modification now is just as hard as buying a new home. Banks are not easily ready to loan. New factors are making hard on people, even if your credit is superb.

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