Troubleshooters Targets Auto Shop


POSTED: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - 7:41pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 5, 2010 - 11:39am

Moraima Gameros' car was damaged in last year's hail storm. She took her car into F&L Body Shop for an estimate of the damage. After receiving a check from her insurance company for $4,367, she went to the shop and signed the check.

Ms. Gameros says that after seeing that the body shop had a poor record with the Better Business Bureau she called and said she wanted to take her car elsewhere.

F&L returned $3,367, $1000 short of the original amount. Ms. Gameros said she went in several times to find out where the missing money went. F&L Auto Body told us that they had done a "tear down" on the car, they say that the missing $1,000 went towards the labor they performed on the vehicle.

But, there is a problem. Ms. Gameros tells us that she never left her car at the shop to have any work done.

"I never left my car in the body shop, not one day," Gameros said.

She tells us that she was in Monterrey, Mexico for two weeks during the time that the shop says she dropped off her car.

In a statement from F&L they say that "The vehicle was not brought to us till December 28th, 2009...Customer called December 31st 2009 to inquire as to how much money F&L would be refunding from the proceeds of the insurance check. She was informed that F&L does not "kick back" funds for repairs. Customer at that time informed us that she had changed her mind and would not be doing the work"

Gameros says that she did not ask for any of the proceeds of the insurance check.

"No, those are pure lies. I couldn't cash that check because it is not in my name," Gameros said. "The insurance makes the check out to a body shop or the bank."

F&L also sent us a document stating that Ms. Gameros left her car on the 28th of December. But, there are no signatures on this document and the sections for mileage and license plate are blank.

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warning for newer cars or trucks, if you bring them here to this f&l they will strip some of your newer parts and replace them with old parts.

had my car so called fixed here they lied about buying new parts what they never did this place rips people off never have your cars fixed here.. they took me of all my money. ended up bringing my car to a dealership and spent 4000 dollars to fix what they did.

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