Troubleshooters: Paint Problems in West El Paso


POSTED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 2:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 4:22pm

The damage done to Howard Bowen's SUV isn't hard to miss.
The SUV's exterior and windows are covered with tiny white specks of paint.
It almost looks like Bowen has a glitter paint job.
Bowen says the over spray on his car came from painters who were working at new home one lot away from his.
After he found the damage, Bowen says he tracked down Premier Builders, the company responsible for the home.
He says he told the owner, Travis Young, about the damage and Young told him to get an estimate for the repairs.
But when Bowen called him with the $300 estimate, Young said it was too much and stopped taking Bowen's calls.
While he declined an on camera interview Young told us the painters on this property never worked outside.
He also didn't believe paint spray could travel far enough to cross an empty lot and damage Bowen's car.
Young went on to say he never thought the damage was his fault but at first was willing to pay a small amount just to get Bowen off his back.
Bowen says windy conditions made it easy for the paint to reach his car.
He also has no doubt the painters worked outside because he saw them spraying doors with his very own eyes.
Bowen is working on getting his materials together for a possible lawsuit.
He's hoping Premier Builders might cough up the cash before that has to happen.

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It just goes to show how cheap El Paso's builders are. I hope the lawsuit goes through and Bowen gets what he deserves.

$300 is cheap the company should pay for the damge they caused case closed.

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