TroubleShooters Investigates Non-Payment Allegations

TroubleShooters Investigates Non-Payment Allegations

POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 4:21pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 8:33am

EL PASO - A few weeks ago, one company claimed an out-of-state contractor never paid them $28,000.00. Now, another company says the same contractor owes them $15,000.00.

Ramiro Chavez says a man named Chad Neal from Aleman Construction Services in Arkansas owes him almost $15,000.00. Chavez says Neal subcontracted him to purchase and deliver stone to Fort Bliss. That was in 2009, and he's been trying to get reimbursed ever since.

"In fact, my last email to him was more than a week ago and no response," Chavez said.

Chavez contacted us after seeing our story about Todd Bundy and Desert Sun Excavation. Bundy's claims say a man named Chad Neal from Phoenix Construction in the same Arkansas town owes him nearly $28,000.00 for work he did at the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club.

Chavez is convinced the contractor is the same man using different company names.

"I would call it a scam, or you know whatever anybody wants to call it, because for lack of funds he's not paying his responsibility, and he's using the Federal Government as a crutch," Chavez said.

Bundy and Chavez have turned to Fort Bliss for help, but since they weren't on the original contracts there's not much the government can do.

Chavez says Chad Neal emailed him in 2009 to say the 15-thousand dollar payment was sent. When he never got it, Chavez says Neal changed his story and emailed him again to say the company had gone bankrupt.

"I have not received anything from any bankruptcy attorneys," Chavez said.

We have called several numbers listed for Chad Neal and left messages, but our calls have not been returned. A man answered at one number, but he told us he was not Chad Neal, and he did not know why his number was listed as the contractor.

We've also sent several emails.

Chavez and Neal hope more people will come forward if they have similar stories, especially if they involve a Chad Neal from Arkansas.

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I though I was purchasing a Majic Jack some five months ago but have heard nothing but "runaround" stories ever since. When I call them, I just keep getting the runaround. They were quick to take my money, two charges totaling over $100.00 dollars & I even told them that these charges were putting a severe strain on my monthly payments since I'm handicapped and draw a mere pittance in S.S.I.each month. The inf. fees have been making it worse each month & and at $34.00 a pop, it's making me broke

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