Troubleshooters: El Paso Woman Fights to Keep Her Home


POSTED: Friday, May 13, 2011 - 6:37pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 10:45am

EL PASO – Losing your job is bad enough. But, losing your home, too? That's the situation one El Paso woman is in. She said Bank of America told her she'd qualify for home loan modification, only to be denied years later. Now, she could lose the roof over her head.

Laura Marquez never thought she'd be in this situation. She said she's been a responsible homeowner for 17 years-- always paying her bills on time. However, she hit a bump in the road back in September 2008, when she got laid-off from her job.

Marquez said when she lost her job, she immediately got in touch with her bank, and was told that she'd qualify for a loan modification.

According to the National Association of Realtors website, the process should take up to 90 days. However, it took Marquez more than two years, and she was recently told that she was denied.

“I feel I was given the runaround from the beginning,” said Marquez.

She said the bank gave her two options: either pay them $14,000, or short sale her home.

"I said, those are not options - that's just giving you my house,” added Marquez.

This left Marquez with very little wiggle room, and for a while, she considered selling her home.

"I was going to sell my house. I had a realtor come over and I said, 'what can I get over my house?' I asked, could I get any equity? I need to move. Now, I can't buy another home. My credit is shot," said Marquez.

With few options on her plate, Marquez decided to get herself a lawyer, who is determined to take her case to court.

"An injustice is being perpetrated upon Laura and countless other people in this community and everywhere. We will take this fight to them," said attorney Richard Roman.

Roman said Marquez's case brings to light a much more serious problem with Bank of America.

“We have obtained some inside information which leads us to believe that Bank of America's loan modification program may be no different than Las Vegas. They're trading, betting on loans," said Roman.

Laura said she's in an unfair situation, and will do what she can, to stay in her home.

“I've put a lot of money into that house. A house takes so much maintenance-- I invested so much."

Newschannel 9 contacted Bank of America numerous times, requesting an interview. Instead, they sent over the following statement:

“A representative of the office of the president will contact Ms. Marquez to ascertain if she wants to resume consideration for a modification at this time"

So, for Laura, this process could drag on even longer.

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I and my wife have been going threw the same things you guys have. we called prior to even having a problem but i was diagnosed with a rare and terminal illness.The Illness is called stiff person plus syndrome. There are 2 diffrent versions the regular type called stiff person syndrome. Then there is the more seriouse stiff person plus syndrome. The reason I add this on here is that. This illness is so rare it's like one in a million but it mimicks so many other illnesses. Some one in your family could have it and been miss diagnosed. But back to B.O.A.After we went in all paper workat least 9 times they always were missing something. Then they finally get all our paper work. Now another agent calls us to inform us they have all the paper work now but we must re send everything. Because the paper work is more than 6 months old now. Not because of us delaying the process but there lack of organization and profession. I truly think BOA. Is making boat loads of money repossessing homes and re selling them again at huge profit's. I think there ought to be an investigation into there business practices. And why they are allowed to conduct business the way they have. And Miss treat hard working citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Myself with 5 children and a terminal and chronic illness, Which i have sent them notification and proof i have this illness, They still give me the run around. In my paper work I sent them it clearly spells it out STRESS is the number one killer of people with this disease, But rather than someone work with me to solve this matter. They would rather add to my STRESS and see me live in misery and pain due to this STRESS they add to my life daily. With me an my family living in fear of loosing our home. Then to make matters worst they keep taking your payment monthly. And then one day they decline you for some off the wall reason, Then your stuck looking for a rental propery with bad credit and possibly none big enough for your family. Or one that accepts pets. I think rather than us fighting this alone we all ought to get in contact with each other by e mail or phone and make a plan to fight back with LOCAL AND NATIONAL NEWS. Along with your local congressman and. Look for Laws they are breaking. And get a attorney willing to take this on for us. And se to it that justice is done and Bank Of America is not allowed to play games with peoples lives, You would think as many CEO's of major companies and other big time executives that have gone to jail thispast year for wrong doings . That B.O.A. is not abouve the law and if there was to be a investigation on them one would find more than one would think. But it will take us all not just one we all need to act and fight back. We all see how these marches work on TV and people get fired or retire as they say. We can do the same thing with calling B.O.A. and it's CEO as well and the media and the congressman over and over until they get tired of being harassed like they do you and then maybe we can get justice and a win win situation for all.With communication from B.O.A. where they will listen to understand. Rather than listen to defend or tell you what they can't do for you. I believe that if everyone in here and other people B.O.A. is giving the run around. We take action we will be heard and things will change. And B.O.A. will be held to some kind of accountability for there actions. And it kills me how they still are running commercials on TV asking people to get there credit cards.B.O.A needs to worry about fixing it's internal problems. Before it goes looking for more business. They can't manage what they have now and begging for more. I warn anyone before looking to do business with B.O.A. look at there customer reviews. Then ask your self if that's the type of business you want to deal with. And for the rest of us crying about what they are doing to us about our home forbarence or any other dealings with them they are giving you the run around. I urge you to pull no stops and notify all to publisize it and contact B.O.A. CEO until he calls you back.
Also don't forget to contact your local senator and local goverment and state officials.This is wrong what B.O.A. is doing and the more they are exposed. It wont hurt they took our bail out money like others. Now let them use it where it counts here at home helping. The good american citizens that has a government that reaches out to every other country to help them. Let's see to it our goernment helps B.O.A. help the ones that need it right here at home.I appoligize for this long letter. But my heart and blood have been shed for the united states of america. And I think what B.O,A. the name stands for. It's business practices fall way short of what our country is about. And they ought to change there name. Because they stand for nothing about America. America is all about being first and out front and the leaders for the rest of the world. B.O.A. is anything but.I am asking for the CEO of bank of america to step forward and address the issues at hand with the home forbarence problems and other home problems and come up with answers rather than taking peoples homes away. And If you going to take there homes away do it right away don't take what little money they have then take it away. All yall are doing is dragging out the process milking the home owner dry then taking there home any way. And leading them to believe there is hope. When there is none. That is mental and phisical abuse and cruelty.STOP IT.

I got the runaround too! than I e-mailed the ceo of bank of america:; someone calls you back within 2 days and they set you up with someone to work with one on one - much better than talking to 10 different people. Also write to your state legislators. Don't give up, keep calling. I got as far as a "negotiator" who didn't even look at my paperwork. I haven't fallen behind 3 months yet so I don't qualify, but Now I'm calling the US Department of Treasury.

good luck to all of you..

Richard Roman s number is 351-2679

Since my last attempt at getting someone in America to answer my questions on status of the HAFA application I have been on a world tour. My calls get answered by someone in Dubi, New Delli, Pakistan, Chili, and I think even Singapor can't get anyone from from America or get my so called account manager. If you can help me I appreciate your help 915-383-2596. No jokes please been through too much already its a heart break at every call, email, and voice mail....

These stories sound exactly like mine to a "T". Been in my home for over 22 years and went through layoffs. Waited for over 2 year to hear about the so called "Obama Relief" or the "Modification Evaluation" oh yeah and the speech about how Bank of America wants to "Help make your home affordable program" and all the other crap they dish. Denied, Denied and then I get "based on your income" you can no longer afford your own home of 22 yrs. Reduce my 10.86 intrest rate and I could but refused 2.

For Richard Roman or Laura Marquez please call 471-0877, I need help too, thank you

I am on the same situaton I applyed for the same program sincew the month of October of last year and they only tell me to call them back every week or every two weeks to check on my update but they dont give me any answers.I don't want to loose my house I have been paying on time, I have been living in this house since 1989. What should I do?

For the lawyer Richard Roman I would also like to talk to you about Bank Of America, I left my phone number on here with troubleshooting dept.

I did do all the paperwork for loan modification also and would love to talk to this lawyer because of what Bank Of America also put me thru.

This is something that I my seft went thru with Bank of America, bought my house in November 2004 and always made my payments, then two years ago I had a bad accident at work and now on social security disability. I talked to the bank so they can help me with payment modification and they said I did qualify and all will take 3 months, after a year of waiting and being ignoredI called and they said I did not qualify and got no assistance. Would like to talk to Richard Roman also

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