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Troubleshooters: Cremation Contract

 Troubleshooters: Cremation Contract

POSTED: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 3:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 6:58pm

EL PASO - Tonight troubleshooters investigates funeral services sold to an elderly couple. Both of them passed away, and now their family says a local cemetery isn't honoring their contract.

Terry Maloof's dad died yesterday, and now she has to make plans for his funeral and pay to cremate him. It's a task she thought was already taken care of.

"They're gone and what else can I do? Just take care of them the best that I possibly can," Maloof said.

As the only child, Maloof says her parents didn't want her worrying about their funeral arrangements. That's why more than 15-years ago they paid for two cremations at Memory Gardens. The problem is Memory Gardens says that's not what they paid for. So we looked at the contract. It specifically shows Maloof's parents were charged $1,675.00 for two cremations in 1995. Yet, Maloof says the General Manager claims her parents did not pay for cremation services. Instead the GM says they paid for two niches, places to house the urn and ashes. Although the spot on the contract for niches is blank.

"I gave her the number that's on the contract, and she went around looked for it and said 'nope.' You have two cremation niches, and I said 'no.' The contract specifically states two cremations. We argued for a while," Maloof said.

Arguing got her nowhere, so she turned to the Troubleshooters. We questioned GM Jodie Eubanks, and she told us, "We cannot and never have sold services of cremations." Although, again, the contract states "cremations" and not "niches."

"I know my parents very well and usually what they would say when somebody would take advantage is 'Ellos necesitan mas que nosotros por eso es que hacen eso,' Maloof said. (They need it more than we do. That's why they do, what they do.)

Maloof's mom passed away in 2001, and they ran into the same problem then, but at the time she didn't want her dad to feel bad so she let it go. That's something she's not willing to do again.

We're waiting for a call from the owner of Memory Gardens.

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Reprehensible! Not only should Kim Powers-Bridges, owner of Memory Gardens be sued and have the court order her to pay my cousin, Terry Maloof for services not rendered, but also for pain and suffering. My husband has been unable to find an attorney for her as she requested. Hopefully, an attorney contacts Troubleshooters to tell them that they will represent Terry. Or perhaps someone who sees this knows of a good attorney who would handle this for a percentage of monetary damages recovered.

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