TroubleShooters: Brake Masters Correction


POSTED: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 12:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 9:56pm

We have a correction to a Troubleshooters story we first brought you earlier this month.

A woman came to us claiming Break Masters wasn't fixing the damage to her truck after an accident in one of its shops. But it turns out she didn't give us the full story.

Earlier this month, Jessica Fielder contacted NewsChannel 9 saying she was having problems getting Brake Masters to pay for what she called "damage" from an accident that happened at the store on McRae back in June. Fielder told us her truck suddenly slipped into gear and it slammed into another car when a mechanic started it.

But that's about all Brake Masters says we got right in our story.

"It was definitely unfair, and very unexpected not having our side of the story and not giving us an opportunity for us to explain what really happened," said Alex Corrales Director of Field Operations for Brake Masters.

During her interview earlier this month, Fielder claimed Brake Masters refused to pay for the damage they caused to her truck. She also said the truck was stored in a mechanic's yard for more than a month and that in the meantime she was left without transportation.

All false statements, according to Brake Masters.

Brake Masters management says the same day of the accident they called Fielder and told her they would pay for any damage caused by the accident. The company showed us paperwork proving they had her in a rental car within just three days. Brake Masters also gave us documents showing it paid for the damage, which it says was just to the body. Fielder had her truck back within a couple of weeks.

But then Brake Masters says Fielder came back three weeks later wanting the company to also pay for a new clutch.

"She was blaming us, saying we caused problems with her clutch," said Corrales.

But Brake Masters says her worn-down clutch is what caused the accident in the first place.

"It was all wear and tear it had nothing to do with Brake Masters so they denied the claim," said Corrales.

That's probably when Fielder came to us. But she never mentioned that Brake Masters had already put her in a rental car and had already fixed the damage to her truck's body.

In the story, we mistakenly gave the impression that Brake Masters wasn't fixing the damage when in fact, it already had.

Brake Masters says it ended up replacing Fielder's clutch and even gave her a new battery even though it didn't have to.

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