Troubleshooters: A Roof Dispute


POSTED: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 1:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 27, 2012 - 5:55pm

HORIZON CITY- When it rains, it leaks.  Ron Kelley's roof has been nothing but a nuisance since he bought his house five years ago.

"I think it's frustrating when you buy a brand new home and within the first year of buying a brand new home you have to start making repairs.  I have to question myself about the integrity of the company itself," says Ron, a Pastor at a local church.

The company he's talking about is CareFree homes.  They built Kelley's house and are supposed to maintain it.

In order to understand the problem, NewsChannel 9 had to go outside and on the roof to see what was going on.

We were joined up there by Joey Carangon, owner of Key Roofing. 

"Unfortunately, due to the installation process of the roof, they did not install step flashing against this wall and underneath the shingles," says Carangon.

Step flashing keeps water out of a home where its' roof and walls meet.  Carangon says it's a basic concept, sometimes ignored by companies trying to save a buck.

That can cause indoor damage like stains and water marks.  In an e-mail, CareFree told us there's a one year warranty on all roof work.  But Kelley says repairs during his warranty period only made problems worse.

"If CareFree would have come in and properly repaired the roof the first time I wouldn't be up on the roof each year tarring it and trying to cover up the leaks," he says.

That's why he wants CareFree to pay for repairs or at least split the cost.  In the same e-mail, CareFree said they'd talk with Mr. Kelley and try to solve the issue.  We'll follow up to make sure that happens.

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Not to take away from the fact that this roofing company doesn't understand the simple concept of good workmanship, but part of the problem here is also that people are always shopping for a better price. When shopping for prices, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The best thing to do is get a referral from 2-3 people who have had work done by a contractor in the last few years and is still satisfied. Shame on the roofing company... but also shame on these builders who hire these contractors because they are cheap labor. Most of all, shame on us all for shopping price... not quality workmanship!

This is about your Monday Manhunt!

I have sent over 5 different tips to crimestoppers including phone #'s, addresses, license plate #'s, even called 911 and stayed on phone following the person for over 20 mins. What happen? NOTHING!!!!!!!! Why do you show this criminals on tv? For what their 30 seconds of fame!!!! Think about it they go and laugh it off!! I dated this idiot!! I WENT THRU HELL WITH THIS GUY and he got away with what he did to me for 3 years!!! Thank god I finally got smart!!

Most of the roofing companies just want to finish the job at soon as possible,get paid and good bye.They dont care about the quality of work.

CARE FREE HOMES should charge or sue the roofing co. they hired also,disclose to the public the name of the of the roofing co.

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